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  1. However, several experts said Hallmark was on the right path.
  2. Critical Path, another movielike game, is considerably more focused.
  3. Herman showed me the underwater paths and pitfalls of the bay.
  4. We will stay on the path of dreaming up new things.
  5. None of these guys chose the path of violence and destruction.
  6. It's difficult to find path in a sentence.
  7. Their path to manhood is marked by examples rather than victims.
  8. I am convinced now there is an irreversible path toward peace.
  9. His path is blocked by the opera house's director.
  10. Each wants those millions still out there on the base paths.
  11. And that not even a police roadblock can alter its path.
  12. Shelton resolved to follow Cobb's actual paths of glory.
  13. It is no surprise that younger figures follow the black path.
  14. I pray that the Shining Path won't come back.
  15. The playoff path leading right through the muck at Candlestick Park.
  16. Fares are on a downward path and will stay that way.
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