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  1. There are remnants of the palace of King Nilambor in Patgram.
  2. The Mughals took Boda, Patgram and eastern Pargana in the year 1711.
  3. Bangladeshi guards refused them entry, stranding the 200 people at the Patgram border crossing.
  4. EPR 10 wing companies were posted at Rangpur, Chilamari, Patgram, Mogolhat and Joymonirhut.
  5. They accepted the authority of, and paid taxes to, Ibrahim Khan the Patgram but was defeated.
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  7. Defeated, he lost Karjihat, Kakina and Fatehpur Chakla, retaining only Boda, Patgram and eastern Chakla.
  8. Gaibandha, Sirajganj and Patgram towns were under six feet of water have gone up to 6 feet under water, officials said.
  9. The Maharaja of Bihar now had to pay rent to the East India company for Boda, Patgram, Panga and other chaklas in Bengal.
  10. Telecommunications and railroad services to Gaibandha, Sirajganj and Patgram were disrupted as water up to 6 feet ( 2 meters ) deep flooded the towns.
  11. India will lease in perpetuity to Bangladesh an area of near'Tin Bigha'to connect Dahagram with Panbari Mouza ( P . S . Patgram ) of Bangladesh ."
  12. The agency also reported that at least 30 villagers were injured late Monday when Indian civilians backed by border troops fired bows and arrows and threw stones at the Bangladeshis at the Patgram border post in Lalmonirhat district, 255 kilometers ( 160 miles ) north of Dhaka.
  13. Jalpaiguri district was formed on 1 January 1869, with Baikunthopur, western Duars ( the portion of land between the river Tista and Sankosh ) and the five Chaklas : ( 1 ) Patgram, ( 2 ) Devigunj, ( 3 ) Boda, ( 4 ) Pachaghar, and ( 5 ) Titalla within the zamindery of Cooch-Behar.

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