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  1. He is the younger brother of the jazz guitarist Bent Patey.
  2. British Ambassador William Patey said, according to the statement.
  3. Watertown police officer Bob Patey, an America East official, replaced Sylvester.
  4. His younger brother Thomas Patey Chappell ( 1819 1902 ) then took charge.
  5. Also present was British Consul General William Patey.
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  7. Transmissions from the wireless station were detected but these ceased following orders from Patey.
  8. Patey tried to sail again on 14 February but was forced to anchor again.
  9. Or, as Patey says, " She's one of the guys.
  10. The British Embassy said Patey would attend the next court session, scheduled for Tuesday.
  11. "We know of no Western expatriates having been beheaded, " said Patey.
  12. Charley Patey was the camera man.
  13. In 1980 81, Patey scored eight shorthanded goals, which is a Blues team record.
  14. Patey previously served as Ambassador to Sudan, Ambassador to Iraq and Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.
  15. When Patey met her, Griffin's equipment was shoddy, and so was her sound.
  16. Also present at the hearing, which lasted two hours, was British Consul General William Patey.
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