room meaning

[ ru:m ] Pronunciation:   "room" in a sentence
Noun: room  room
  1. An area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling
    "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view" 
  2. Space for movement
    "room to pass"; "hardly enough elbow room to turn around"
    - way, elbow room 
  3. Opportunity for
    "room for improvement" 
  4. The people who are present in a room
    "the whole room was cheering"
Verb: room  room
  1. Live and take one's meals at or in
    "she rooms in an old boarding house"
    - board

Sounds like: rheum

Derived forms: rooming, roomed, rooms

See also: roomer [N. Amer], roomette [N. Amer], roomy

Type of: area, assemblage, chance, dwell, gathering, inhabit, live, opportunity, populate, position, spatial relation

Part of: building, edifice

Encyclopedia: Room


In a building, a particular portion, an enclosure or division separated from other divisions by partitions.

n : a partitioned part of the inside of a hospital; esp : a space for lodging patients

<chat> (Or "chat room", "room", depending on the system in question) The basic unit of group discussion in chat systems like IRC. Once one joins a channel, everything one types is read by others on that channel. Channels can either be named with numbers or with strings that begin with a "#" sign and can have topic descriptions (which are generally irrelevant to the actual subject of discussion).

Some notable channels are "#initgame", "#hottub" and "#report". At times of international crisis, "#report" has hundreds of members, some of whom take turns listening to various news services and typing in summaries of the news, or in some cases, giving first-hand accounts of the action (e.g. Scud missile attacks in Tel Aviv during the Gulf War in 1991).


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  1. there was a record playing in the next room.
  2. we have a single room available.
  3. till then i may occupy her room.
  4. i wouldn't dirty your room with the can.
  5. i heard sounds of laughter in the next room.

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