assemblage meaning

Pronunciation:   "assemblage" in a sentence
Noun: assemblage  u'semblij
  1. A group of persons together in one place
    - gathering 
  2. A system of components assembled together for a particular purpose
    - hookup 
  3. The social act of assembling
    - assembly, gathering 
  4. Several things grouped together or considered as a whole
    - collection, aggregation, accumulation

Derived forms: assemblages

See also: assemble

Type of: group, group action, grouping, social group, system

Encyclopedia: Assemblage


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  1. the strength of the assemblage is bond-strength limited.
  2. in the sense that assemblages are three-dimensional.
  3. a water sample can be regarded as an assemblage of protons.
  4. the strength of the assemblage is bondstrength limited.
  5. the room was soon filled with a motley assemblage.

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