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[ pə'ziʃən ] Pronunciation:   "position" in a sentence
Noun: position  pu'zishun
  1. The particular portion of space occupied by something
Verb: position  pu'zishun
  1. Cause to be in an appropriate place, state, or relation 
  2. Put into a certain place or abstract location
    - put, set, place, pose, lay

Derived forms: positions, positioning, positioned

See also: anterior, dominant, erect, exterior, external, inner, interior, internal, left, low-class, lower-class, low-level, middle-class, outer, posit, positionable, positional, positioner, posterior, right, subordinate, unerect, upper-class, upright, vertical

Type of: activity, assumption, attitude, bodily property, business, condition, displace, function, item, job, line, line of work, mental attitude, move, occupation, office, opinion, orientation, part, point, relation, role, state, status, view

Encyclopedia: Position

noun, verb



1 [C]

a job:

He held a senior position in a large company.

I should like to apply for the position of Sales Director. See note at JOB

❖ to advertise/fill/have/hold/take up a position

2 [C,U]

a person or an organization's level of importance or success when compared with others:

the company's dominant position in the world market

They used their strong bargaining position to get a better deal.

We will continue to focus on strengthening our competitive position.

❖ to establish/gain/hold/strengthen/use a position

◆ to be in a position of authority/power/strength

3 [C, usually sing.]

the situation that sb is in, especially when it affects what they can and cannot do:

The company's financial position is not certain.

I'm afraid I'm not in a position to help you.

The chairman's resignation has put the board in a difficult position.

❖ to achieve/reach/strengthen/weaken a position

4 (Finance ) [C]

the total amount of a particular share, bond, currency, etc. that a dealer or an investor owns, or has sold but needs to buy back in the future:

They plan to keep the fund's 275 000 share position steady for now.

The fund has accumulated a large position in the company's bonds.

verb [+ obj]


to put sth/sb in a particular position:

The company is uniquely positioned to compete in foreign markets.

2 (Marketing )

to advertise a product, service or company in a particular way in a particular part of the market so that it appears different from other products, services or companies:

The magazine has been positioned as an educational product.

The extent to which an investor, dealer, or speculator has made a commitment in the market by buying or selling securities, currencies, commodities, or any financial obligation.


long position, open position, short position.

1. The location of a point or object with respect to one or more (usually fixed) references.
2. The setting of an adjustable device, such as a potentiometer, rotary switch, or variable capacitor.

A market commitment; the number of contracts bought or sold for which no offsetting transaction has been entered into. The buyer of a commodity is said to have a long position, and the seller of a commodity is said to have a short position. Related: Open contracts.


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  1. the man felt that his position was bad enough.
  2. we 've spotted the enemy battery position.
  3. their position is likely to be eroded.
  4. she has put herself in a false position.
  5. put the gear lever in the neutral position.

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