victimisations in a sentence

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  1. Many individual Cambodians share similar mixed feelings of complicity and victimisation.
  2. What do you mean by the'victimisation'of women?
  3. They are driven to anonymity only because of the fear of victimisation.
  4. I think there should be an end to the victimisation of women.
  5. Risk factors affecting victimisation rates for violent crime and theft ", April 2016
  6. It's difficult to find victimisations in a sentence.
  7. Upon surrender, the ratings faced court-martial, imprisonment and victimisation.
  8. Secondary victimisation is especially common in cases of acquaintance, and statutory rape.
  9. Large-scale victimisation surveys have been presented as a more reliable indicator.
  10. Nurses who went back to work reported victimisation.
  11. The third victimisation for women is rape, which tends to be quite political.
  12. The bill has a limited definition of disclosure, and does not define victimisation.
  13. It upheld, however, a victimisation claim.
  14. This will also " explore alternative approaches to dealing with high frequency repeat victimisation ."
  15. Unfortunately, school administrations often do not take reports of victimisation of transgender students seriously.
  16. For the language of the demagogue, victimisation, homophobia and misogyny are the syntax.
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