victimise in a sentence

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  1. Amid the overwhelming HIV / AIDS pandemic, countless are victimised.
  2. The company was victimised by a practical joker in February 2013.
  3. He helped many Muslim women who were victimised to get justice.
  4. :Yet again, an energetic RD editor is being victimised.
  5. Truly understanding what an NPL indicates can help investors avoid being victimised.
  6. It's difficult to find victimise in a sentence.
  7. Vegetable-juice cure : a case of victimising an alternative
  8. In many ways, they should rightly feel they are being victimised.
  9. They were as victimised as any other prisoners in Auschwitz . .
  10. If someone is being victimised, he will stand up for them.
  11. I feel unfairly victimised and attacked by this particular editor.
  12. So, our children are victimised and quite unfairly.
  13. Vincent becomes angry with Sally for leaving, who pretends to be victimised.
  14. Dan continued to victimise Luke openly blaming him for being stuck in Liverpool.
  15. A great example of avant-garde cinema, victimised by the approach.
  16. What aid, if any, should the WMF give to someone victimised.
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