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  1. The answer lies partly in Ecuador's sense of victimhood.
  2. French-speaking Quebeckers have adopted the comforting role of victimhood.
  3. What is it about Gore that creates a sense of victimhood?
  4. But as a historian he has been little interested in victimhood.
  5. Many priests find it hard to escape a sense of victimhood.
  6. It's difficult to find victimhood in a sentence.
  7. Victimhood is the most seductive, self-indulgent of feelings.
  8. This experience allowed some Japanese to maintain a feeling of victimhood.
  9. But the years have shown that her victimhood has had its limits.
  10. A surreal sense of victimhood in Serbia is nothing new.
  11. Knight's victimhood is mindful of the old Steve Martin routine:
  12. Double victimhood makes him one of the writer's wraithlike reconcilers:
  13. That's not victimhood, it's history ."
  14. The African-Americans are embracing victimhood with a passion,
  15. Small wonder if Palestinians see the world through a lens of victimhood.
  16. The result is today's culture of litigious victimhood.
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