alter ego meaning

Pronunciation:   "alter ego" in a sentence
Noun: alter ego  'oltur 'eegow
  1. A very close and trusted friend who seems almost a part of yourself

Derived forms: alter egos

Type of: friend

Encyclopedia: Alter ego

Doctrine of the law disregarding the limited personal liability enjoyed when acting in a corporate capacity when no separate identity of the individual and corporation exists.


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  1. his alter ego is clark kent
  2. i said, " girl, i don't want to know about your mild-mannered alter ego.
  3. he was my alter ego; we were always picking up each other's thoughts
  4. the parallel universes of your alter egos constitute the level i multiverse
  5. in a storytelling game, the players use the game's rules to create characters to serve as alter egos of a sort

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