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A proteolytic enzyme in the serine protease family found in many tissues which converts PLASMINOGEN to PLASMIN. It has fibrin-binding activity and is immunologically different from URINARY PLASMINOGEN ACTIVATOR. The primary sequence,composed of 527 amino acids,is identical in both the naturally occurring and synthetic proteases. EC n : TISSUE PLASMINOGEN ACTIVATOR


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  1. Alteplase costs about $ 2, 000 for a standard dose.
  2. Thrombolysis agents include streptokinase, reteplase, alteplase, and tenecteplase.
  3. Alteplase ( tpa ) is an effective medication for acute ischemic stroke.
  4. The drugs are alteplase, or Activase, and abciximab, or Reopro.
  5. It was intended to see if abciximab could boost the effectiveness of alteplase.

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