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pigeon meaning

[ 'pidʒin ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "pigeon""pigeon" in a sentence

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  • The scheme was pigeon holed after a brief discussion.
  • It 's your pigeon to do ...
  • I won't stop you coming in, but it's your pigeon then.
  • Many treatises in different languages have been published on pigeons.
  • You know what happens to statues-the pigeons shit all over them.
  • Cambridge had called; he had responded like a homing pigeon.
  • pigeons and bees each have their advantages and disadvantages as research subjects.
  • A pigeon probably has his huff duff in that incrustation above his beak.
  • The pigeons were just gathering to roost, and sunlight slanted on the dove-cot, on their snowy feathers.
  • No one yet knows how the pigeons are equipped to detect and deal with smaller variations in the field.
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