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league sound

pronunciation:[ li:g ]  
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  • league 's definition:an association of sports teams that organizes matches for its members
  • league in Chinesen.1.同盟,联盟,盟约。2.社团,联合会,竞赛联合会。3.(蒙古的)盟。4.种类,类型。短语和例子vt.,vi.(使)结盟;(使)联合[团结]。 They were leagued together by a tacit treaty. 他们根据默契关系联合起来了。 The nations leagued together to stop the war. 这些国家结成联盟来制止战争。n.里格〔长度名;在英美约为三英里或三海里〕。
league的發音,league的讀音,league怎麼讀league sound