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  1. The nitrogen additive feeds the microorganisms that are responsible for decomposition.
  2. Additives, preservatives and sugars in these flavored versions add up.
  3. Clinton actually extended the exemption to ETBE, another chemical additive.
  4. Natural breads without any preservatives or additives are not good keepers.
  5. She also notes that Ethyl was the manufacturer of that additive.
  6. It's difficult to find additive in a sentence.
  7. Many rich countries have phased out lead as a gasoline additive.
  8. It will probably end up being pretty additive to the company,
  9. It said the additive industry will have fewer but bigger companies.
  10. All three Exxon grades contain the same amount of cleaning additive.
  11. Alusuisse makes products ranging from fine chemicals to polymers and additives.
  12. People overseas think of soy sauce as a cheap food additive,
  13. Synthetics are made with the urine of pregnant horses and additives.
  14. Before 1994, the government categorized dietary supplements as food additives.
  15. That's the most complaints ever for a food additive.
  16. The study focused on additives that add oxygen to the fuel.
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