statuary meaning

[ 'stætjuəri ] Pronunciation:   "statuary" in a sentence
Noun: statuary  'stachoo`eree [N. Amer], stachooree [Brit]
  1. Statues collectively
Adjective: statuary  'stachoo`eree [N. Amer], stachooree [Brit]
  1. Of or relating to or suitable for statues

Derived forms: statuaries

See also: statue

Type of: accumulation, aggregation, assemblage, collection

Encyclopedia: Statuary


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  1. the home-made statuary gave an artistic air to the room
  2. in several states it is not even a statuary requirement
  3. the statuary of yan xiu is on the top of the column ( bronze)
  4. the museum exclusively displays art works by a statuary artist fumio asakura
  5. there will be a display of bronze statuary in this museum next week

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