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  • 1836 john meadam, scottish engineer who introduced the ? macadamising ? system of road-making died
  • Streets were macadamised or concreted at this time also.
  • Several macadamised parking spaces abut its southern side, extending to a secondary side road.
  • By the late 1840s, the road had a toll bar at Merri Creek, and a macadamised surface.
  • In the 1830s, efforts were made by various toll road operators to macadamise the trail as a gravel stagecoach road.
  • They were provided with water-closets and sewers, and Grainger had the streets lit with gas and the road surfaces macadamised.
  • The road between the cottages and the main station buildings was known as Radio Drive, and was possibly the first macadamised road in Perth.
  • The process is removing the metal, granulating the rubber and then a chemical process where it is mixed with other usual materials for macadamised roads.
  • The macadamised Lake Shore Road between Toronto and Hamilton, in poor condition with ongoing erosion, was the first section to be bypassed with concrete highway.
  • In order to maintain the sport's distinction from road running, the usage of unnatural or macadamised surfaces is generally kept to a minimum or avoided entirely.
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