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贴附 in a sentence

  • Avoid contact with osteotomes , drill bits , and saws
  • 2 . unique magnetic cap holds securely in place in most pdas
    2 .笔顶附有内置磁石,有效贴附pda机身
  • Numerical simulation of descending - oriented vertical wall jets and atmosphere pool
  • Simulation on flow field characteristic of restricted wallattached jet in heading face
  • Adherence of jet
  • In any case , it is standard procedure to attach the claim tickets to your ticket jacket
  • Alternatively , purchase a pretty , bejeweled , embroidered design and attach it to your clothes
  • Intravascular ultrasound image revealed good stent apposition without visible vessel dissection
  • Inflammable and explosive dangerous goods with independent packing shall be attached with a tag of dangerous goods
  • Yu - chan chao at the institute of molecular biology , academia sinica , constructed a recombinant baculovirus
  • 贴附造句挺难的,這是一个万能造句的方法
  • T ? v - mark : for components which enter european market , such as motor , power source , transformer , switches , etc
    产品贴附t ? v标志意味着您的产品在我们的监督下生产,更具备竞争力,对大部分零部件产品而言,通过此类认证是必须的。
  • The new paper actually compares two different ways of using fibrin gel as a basis for creating behm : layering on top of the gel , and embedding within it
  • The active electrodes at the scalp surface convert the brain state into electrical signals . the signals are amplified , filtered by three stages and converted to digital data by the recording module
  • The measurement showed that the behm that had formed in just four days after a million cells were layered on fibrin gel could contract with an active force of more than 800 micro - newtons
    测量结果显示, 1 , 000 , 000心肌细胞贴附于纤维蛋白凝胶表面后四天就可以形成behm ,收缩有效力超过800微牛顿。
  • Used for sound boxes , electronic toys , computers and lamps . , etc . , various back bound rubber cushions are adhering to the surface of the finished products , functioning skidproof and anti - vibration
  • In the end , the layering approach produced a more cohesive tissue that contracted with more force - a key finding because embedding has been seen as the more promising technique
    结论是:细胞贴附于表面的方法能够产生粘附性更强的组织,收缩更有力(重要的发现) ,而埋入凝胶中的方法则被认为是更具有前景的技术。
  • The machine suits for irregular product , sticking meanwhile corresponding sides two labels or single label for example : the two sides labels - sticking of all types of chemical product , petroleum , machine oil etc . characteristics
  • Proceed from energy - conserving angle of building , a kind of passive evaporative cooling way is proposed that applies to the wall surface , namely porosity moisture - conditioned material is used on building envelope
  • Through the research work of this article , it is shown that cfd technology can efficeintly instruct the design of indoor air distribution and evaluate indoor air quality and ventilating effect ; the distribution of heat sources have great impact on indoor air distribution ; under variable air volume condition , the indoor temperature and velocity fields are quite even and the thermo - environment is relatively good when using diffusers with coanda effect such as square diffuser and slot diffuser to supply air
  • The advantages of dual grafts for bridging defects are as follows : ( 1 ) mechanical fixation is better than fixation by a single onlay bone graft ; ( 2 ) the two grafts add strength and stability ; ( 3 ) the grafts form a trough into which cancellous bone may be packed ; and ( 4 ) during healing the dual grafts , unlike a single graft , prevent contracting fibrous tissue from compromising transplanted cancellous bone
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