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虚拟物体 in a sentence

  • Through adding virtual objects , ar realizes undertaking virtual tasks in real scene
  • Moreover , generating the realistic graphics of the explosion of virtual object is more challenging
  • Proxy objects will be placed wherever there is an object in our shot that will receive a shadow from our cg object
  • One of the critical technologies of augment reality ? ? the registration of virtual object in augment reality is investigated
  • Now you ' ll have to play with the shadow cast / receive options for your proxy objects as obviously we don ' t want them to cast shadows on each other
  • In my case this involved rendering out 300 frames for each shadow , each time turning lights on or off and altering the cast / receive shadows options for various objects
  • Digital differential geometry processing xin - guo liu , hu - jun bao , and qun - sheng peng state key lab of cad cg , zhejiang university , hangzhou 310027 , p . r . china
  • Assuming your lights are set up correctly your shadows should work without much alteration , we simply have to place proxy objects in our scene to receive the shadows
  • Further , each contour is labeled as being " behind " or " in front of in the first two frames , depending on whether it is in front of or behind the virtual object , so the occlusion is solved
  • We also introduce synthesis technique for idt to transport the real - world texture samples on virtual objects . finally , the texture - covered objects could be rendered under environment illumination in real time
  • 虚拟物体造句挺难的,這是一个万能造句的方法
  • The algorithm described is able to accomplish the coordinate transition from virtual object coordinate system to the hmd coordiante system in augment system and to provide the 3d image with parallax
  • The heart of this algorithm is to track at least four fiducial points from frame to frame that construct the affine frame , and thus the occlusion contours between virtual and real objects can be reconstructed and reprojected
  • Beyond this research , we perform realistic synthesis of virtual objects and real scene by taking radiance approach . here , we use monte carlo method to compute form factor , and fast hierarchical radiance to reach realistic synthesis
  • A projection algorithm combined with 3 color - fiducial vision - based registration for virtual object registration in augment reality system , based on coordinate transition and 3d projection in 3d space , is described in detail
  • The method based on calibration - free augmented reality with affine framework is formulated in detail , and possible questions in the process of algorithm realization such as location and rendering of virtual objects and occlusion problem are analyzed in depth . further , methods of resolution are given
  • According to the visual system of the dredging process training simulator , this paper presents many important techniques such as three - dimension objects modeling , mathematics description of the virtual objects motion relations , the minimal - shape software engineering method , multi - thread program and so on
  • The article references the distributed network communication model , 3d routing algorithm and database engine technology which are parts of the project , based on a * , b + tree , tcp / ip and lalr ( l ) , discusses the following problems and proposes resolutions : how to make efficient use of network bandwidth to promote the quality of data exchange and impair the impact of the network delay to the simulation system ; how the virtual object can route rapidly under the distributed environment ; how the data of simulation can be . stored and be read validly
    本文主要结合该课题中有关分布式网络通讯模型、 3d寻径算法和数据库引擎技术进行了探讨;以a ~ * 、 b + tree 、 tcp ip和lalr ( 1 )等理论技术为基础,对以下几个问题进行了研究并提供了相应解决方案:如何有效利用网络带宽提高数据交换的质量,降低网络延时对系统仿真的影响;在分布式环境下虚拟物体如何实现快速地寻径;仿真数据如何被有效的存储和读取。
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