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纵向分析 in a sentence

  • Common - size statements ? a form of vertical analysis ? show the component percentages of the items in a statement
  • During longitudinal analysis , the calculating method of column effective length has been given out , according to different longitudinal connecti ng beam
  • Vertical analysis shows the relationship of each item in a finan ? cial statement to its total assets on the balance sheet and net sales on the income statement
  • On the basis of longitudinal analyses of large - scale secondary data from multiple sources , the authors find that customer satisfaction boosts the efficiency of future advertising and promotion investments
  • Quality can be classified in many aspects : according to horizontal aspect , there are directional quality and energetic quality ; according to vertical aspect , there are nature quality , psychological quality and social culture quality ; according to educational periods , there are basic quality , major quality and specific quality
  • Second , this paper employs a method based on content to lengthways analyze and summarize the research on internationalization oriented marketing stratagem of domestic and oversea enterprises . based on the analysis and summarization , imss ( internationalization marketing strategy solution ) model is raised
    其次,本文应用内容分析法纵向分析、总结了国内外it企业国际化营销战略的研究,在此基础上提出了imss模型(我国it企业国际化的营销战略模型) 。
  • Content management solutions come from different historical lineages , and most of them are vertical and departmental based , for example document management for the legal department , knowledge management for it department , or web content management for the marketing department
  • This thesis researches into the urbanization in suzhou , wuxi and changzhou , by the way of associating theoretical research with positivism analysis , vertical analysis and horizontal comparison , demonstrates the feasibility and necessity of constructing the su - xi - chang urbanization in detail , preliminarily studies the functional system , the relation to their vicinity and the developing aim , suggests how to construct the su - xi - chang urbanization rapidly , informs myself viewpoint , furthermore , and provides urban development with some experience
  • The sixth charpter " copyright limitation on the internet " , which is the focal part of the dissertation , studies , on the basis of foregoing analysis , copyright limitation on the internet from two aspects . first , from vertical direction , uploading works , disseminating works and downloading works are discussed . secondly , from horizontal direction , fair use , statutory licence , para - statutory licence and tacitly consent are examined
  • Beginning with an introduction of the establishment and development of chinese futures brokerage firms , the dissertation examines the status , function and existing problems of futures brokerage firms in chinese market economy , analyzes and assesses chinese futures brokerage firms " evolution and institutional changes of regulatory system
  • After lengthways analysis of industrial structure change of henan province during 1987 - 1997 , 1 think there are four problems should be concerned : the stagnation of investment proportion of the first industrial has directly influenced the enhancement of equipment level of agricultural technology and technical content of agricultural products
    通过对1987 1997年河南省产业结构变化的纵向分析,我们认为有以下问题值得重视: 1第一产业的投资比重在很长一段时期内徘徊不前,直接影响了农业技术装备水平和农产品技术含量的提高。
  • In the analysis , longitudinal analysis is the employment direction of the graduates specialized in pedagogy during the last 16 years in the college of education in henan university . crosswise analysis is done through the employment direction of the graduates of grade 2002 of a few institutions in the whole country . the author endeavors to seek the rules and diversifications from the comparison of them
  • Abstract : based on adequate exemplification , this paper analyses and illustrates the stylistic features of correspondence english for foreign trade in terms of lexical , grammatical and rhetoric dimensions , and studies the historical aspects for the formation of some of the existing features , aiming at furnishing the teaching staff and students of this subject as well as those engaged in the practical correspondence with some fresh ideas
  • It is indicated by both domestic and overseas relevant researches that the rational allocation of science and technology resources can directly affect the development speed and level of scientific and technological progress , and the extent of integration between technology and economy . the progress of science and technology will play an important role in economic development . in the thesis , the author elaborates the science and technology resource allocation system using three levels , which is micro - level , meso - level and macro - level
    论文针对科技资源配置的相关理论,在对国内外现有研究成果分析与评述的基础上,深入研究中观层次的区域科技资源的配置理论,构建了区域科技资源优化配置的评价指标体系和基于数据包络分析(简称dea )方法的横向和纵向分析评价模型,对东北老工业基地科技资源配置的现状进行了系统的分析和评价,从而找出东北老工业基地科技资源配置存在的若干问题,提出东北老工业基地科技资源优化配置的对策建议。
  • ( 3 ) the thesis focus on consolidate the study of theory and the practice , trying to communicate the social entity and the real marxism , especially the reality of the primary state of the socialism in china . the system of the thesis : the introduction shows that defines the conception and the connotation of the social economy state , and points out the significance of the theory and practice . in the first part of the thesis , i analyzed the social basic , original of conception and formation of the theory of social economy state of marxism
  • This dissertation explains the meaning of policy supporting system , summarizes the indispensability of policy supporting to sme and the relation between government policy and sme development . it generalizes the function of sme in europe and american , takes laterally comparative analysis to sme developing measures of every country and longitudinally comparative analysis . at the same time , it combines current developing situation and problems of our country , summarizes the gain and loss of macro - policy system for sme and constructs the scientific macro - policy system of our country
  • The concept of the independence of running higher education institutions is expounded by analyzing its cause in china lengthways . the interrelation between " university autonomy " , " releasing of power " and " the independence of running higher education institutions " is probed into by comparing the similarities and differences between the independence of running higher education institutions in china and " university autonomy " abroad crosswise
    本部分通过纵向分析,即我国高校办学自主权问题的产生及横向对比,即我国高校办学自主权问题与国外“大学自治”的异同,从两个纬度展开了对我国高校办学自主权概念的分析,并从中探讨了“大学自治” 、 “放权”及“高校办学自主权”三者之间的相互联系。
  • On the foundation of abundantly positive data , the study analyzes the scale and structure of military expenditure in our country , lucubrates the developing trends of world military expenditure structure , dissects the actuality and existent problems of our military expenditure structure and gets the conclusion : our military expenditure structure lose the balance and restrict the scale benefit of our military7 expenditure and the optimal output of troops combat effectiveness
  • The thesis adopts methods such as theoretical analysis combined with empirical research , vertical analysis combined with horizontal comparison , and qualitative analysis combined with quantitative analysis to make research on occupational pension tax policy from microcosmic and macroscopic angles . based on discussing the necessity , status quo and significance of preferential tax policy on occupational pension and comparing this tax policy with that of other countries , the thesis discusses in detail the choice of preferential occupational pension tax mode and its economic effects , and proposes a comprehensive conception of the establishment of occupational pension tax system in china
  • The author makes use of the combination of theory and practice , historical longitudinal analysis and the same trade transverse analysis , international and domestic comparison analysis , quantitative and qualitative analysis , in order to achieve two objective : on the one hand , summing up some international and domestic capital operation theories to study wuling group capital operation , on the other hand , combining its actual situation to discuss the theory which probably fits wuling group capital operation
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