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第三方面 in a sentence

  • A third dimension has been recently added, that of service .
  • The third element of the strategy was effective punishment
  • The third challenge relates to cultural differences
  • Third , the package will help to enhance the status and role of the district councils
  • The last chapter of this paper argues the value and the function of the 3pls
  • The third important issue is to establish a partnering culture in the construction industry
  • The third important issue is to establish a partnering culture in the construction industry
  • It ' s important to use that third portion of the life of a project in planning the next project on your list
  • The aspect of artistic value is easy to understand , that means the camera works , visual design , and even the storytelling approaches
  • The idea of entertainment value is also straightforward . while by cogitative value , it is initiated by the question of whether we can learn anything from a movie
  • Partially successful , too , has been mr koizumi ' s quest to let japan start to play the part it deserves in foreign affairs , his third claim to a place in history
  • This thesis has four main part : first is the background of new curriculum reform ; second is the textbook idea of the new curriculum reform ; third is the case design of new textbook
  • Furthermore , among “ the three farming problems ” , the peasant problem is key point . the third aspect , the author analyzes the present condition of the peasant problem and makes us know how serious it is
  • Here design procedge analysis is based on the production supply chain . last the author studied the importance of building up relationship of the parter of supply chain , which finds firm ground for selection of supply chain parter
  • Thirdly , based on the search for the evidence of preannouncing disclosure and market stability , we need review whether interval preannouncement has a prominent relationship with the fluctuation of stocks " price and find out whether the supply of interval information brings reciprocal intervention
  • The initialisation key is the first security gate in bluetooth security system , if the initialisation key is got by attacker , the attacker will get the common link key by continue listening the communication . if the common link key is known by others , the two device is no secret before he . the third party can not only listen the two device ' s communication but also assert him one party to authenticate the other . pairing at place where less people here will reduce the attack . to use long pin managed by diffie - hellman key exchange algorithm will also reduce the attack
  • Its included two experiments comprising six sub - experiments . the findings showed that it was the encoding subgoal of steps of worked example that overcame the surface content effects on the access and use of principle , which was caused by the modification of the superficial story lines and superficial roles correspondence between examples and problems . in encoding subgoal of steps of worked example , the participants could develop the generalization of the example during the learning , so the modification of the superficial story lines and superficial roles correspondence between examples and problems had little effect on the access and use of principle
  • ( 5 ) the ability of carry out a porous shock compression experiments with uncertainty less than 20 % has been had , and then there is a possibility to obtain at high pressure with uncertainty less than 10 % . ( 6 ) another method to get , utilizing the method 3 p _ ( c ) and shock compression data , has been investigated . it has been shown preliminarily that there a simple phenomenal project to calculate by utiliaing this method
    第三方面,考察了以实验数据计算的一些情况,获得的主要结果为( 5 )就目前所能达到的实验精度,开展具有适当初始疏松度的疏松材料的冲击压缩实验可提供不确定度10的高压实验测量值; ( 6 )利用本文给出的冷压与冲击压缩实验数据联立的方法计算了大量金属的宽热力学范围的男,初步的分析表明,以该方法为基础可形成一种更多保留实验信息的gruneisen系数唯象计算方法。
  • The first aspect is from the angle of the relationship of urban economy and real estate industry , and the method correlation degree analysis and industrial line analysis are used to discuss . the second part is from the angle of relation between real estate and urban planning , firstly it presents the basic theory of city planning , secondly it discusses the relative relation of real estate and urban planning , at the same time it construct the new vision of the coordination of real estate and urban planning . the third aspect starts from the point of relationship between real estate and urban sustainable development , at first it introduces the definition of sustainable development of city , then by introducing the definition of eternal effect it analyzes the relative relation between real estate and urban sustainable development , at last it gives some certain comments on the coord inative development of real estate and urban sustainable development from the angle of enhancing " life standard , changing consuming opinions and urbanization
  • Second , to strengthen the supervision can ensure the equality and transparency of the market so that the confidence of the investors will be boosted , which is beneficial to the sustainable development of the market in the long term . third , the regulation on the related transaction can prevent the unequal related transactions and the bogus disclosed information so that the price of the shares could reflect the authentic values of the shares , and the market could make the prompt and just response to any real and effective information , which is good to the optimization of the recourses
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