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物体识别 in a sentence

  • Geometric invariance and its applications to 3d object recognition
  • Transient chaotic neural network for 2d object recognition
  • The viewpoint debates in object recognition
  • The summarizations on the different brain mechanism study between face recognition and object recognition
  • The results of image analyzing and object recognition have a close relationship with the performance of edges detector
  • Presently , there are three methods of 3d object recognition : based on the theory of vision calculate , based on initiative vision and based on model
  • We have set up a multimodal integrated experiment flat roof for windows . and we also have realized a vr system based on recognition , orientation and assemble aid
  • ( 3 ) the methods of determining the degree of ii ? curves based on the boundary of objects and tightly fitting objects with ip curve are proposed . the algorithms would help to fit and describe objects automatically by computer
  • Fractional correlation ( fc ) is the general notion of conditional correlation , because it is based on fractional fourier transform ( frt ) . fc can be used in shift - variant object recognition because it is a shift - variant operation
  • The experimental results show that the invariants are efficient and robust to recognize objects and even to recognize the object with some information missing . ( 5 ) the algorithm of the symmetry detection is presented base on ii ? curves
  • 物体识别造句挺难的,這是一个万能造句的方法
  • Because the research achievements can be applied directly on measurement , object recognition , visual reality and many other fields , the researches on computer vision problem have become one of the most popular research subjects in the world
  • The image features of object and ambiance in the real robot visual servo system are analyzed . the method of object recognition based on image segmentation and corner detection is presented . an image is segmented into several regions by image segmentation
  • With the characteristics of the task of preprocessing and recognition of underwater acoustic images , the nonlinear methods based on the mathematical morphology was proposed here . the performance of it is better than the conventional methods for the case of suppressing noise , detecting edges and recognition
  • In the application of mini - micro - robot visual perception , there is a need for fish - eye lenses for capturing wide field of view for navigation . though fish - eye lenses provide a wide field of view ( 180 ) , they introduce significant distortion in images and the acquired images are quite warped , which makes conventional camera calibration algorithms no longer work well . this paper presents an accurate calibration framework for fish - eye lens ( a high distortion lens ) camera stereo vision system . the accurate calibration model is formulated with radial distortion , decentering distortion and thin prism distortion based on the fisheye deformation model . using fish - eye and non - linear camera model , the author employs levenberg - marquardt method to realize precise non - linear calibration for wide - view - scene dense depth image recovery
    鱼眼镜头成像立体视觉系统在微小型机器人视觉导航和近距离大视场物体识别与定位中有着广泛的应用.尽管鱼眼镜头摄像机具有很大的视场角(接近180 ) ,但同时也引入严重的图像变形,常规的摄像机标定方法无法使用.该文提出一种标定鱼眼镜头摄像机立体视觉系统的方法.在鱼眼镜头变形模型的基础上,通过考虑鱼眼镜头成像的径向变形、偏心变形和薄棱镜变形,建立了鱼眼镜头成像的精确成像模型,然后,利用非线性迭代算法,精确求解摄像机外部参数、内部参数.实验表明,使用该方法得到的立体视觉系统参数满足精确恢复大场景稠密深度图的要求
  • Structural matching is a main approach for on - line chinese character recognition . in order to reduce its great computational comple xity and improve its performance , people have been seeking for a way to guide the whole matching by the result of partial matching . in this paper , the authors prop osed 45 basic components from 3 , 755 categories of the daily - used chinese charac ters to guide the stroke segment matching . because they always locate at either the beginning or the end of the stroke segment string , these components are easy to extract and separate from other parts of the character . besides , the reference templates of these components are dynamically extracted from the reference segmen tstring and dependent on the current matched character so that a more accurate matching is carried out . experiments show that the segment matching computation h as reduced almost 50 % . the approach is also enlightening for other similar object matching problem
    结构匹配是一种有效的联机手写汉写识别方法,为了减少匹配运算,人们一直在寻求利用部分匹配的结果来引导整体匹配的方法.在特征匹配与结构匹配综合的基础上,从3 . 755个一级国标汉字中提取出45个子结构,利用它们来引导结构匹配.由于这些子结构总出现在字首或字尾,因而对它们的检测比较容易.同时,通过建立子结构活动模板及设计子结构动态抽取算法,使得子结构匹配的准确度得到很大提高.实验结构表明,该方法使结构匹配的运算量减少约50 % ,并对类似的物体识别问题有一定的启发意义
  • The general process of recognition of objects is the following : firstly , segment objects from the image . secondly , calculate the invariant independent of transformation of objects according to the description of contour . finally recognize the object with some algorithms in pattern recognition
  • Because the research achievements can be applied directly on robot localization and navigation , precise industry measurement , object recognition , visual reality , military affairs and many other fields , the researches on computer vision problems have become one of the most popular research subject in the world
  • Pile ng examination of the system based on the latest promulgated by the ministry of public security , " motor vehicle drivers license application and management " ( decree 71 ) , the two examination subjects ( zhuangkao ) , computer images using real - time detection technology and electronic infrared optical interface detection technology , i combine the companies creating two - dimensional moving object identification and tracking software through acquisition of vehicles running state examination pile pole , the signal line , after computer processing , analysis and judgment , the actual realization of the computer monitor screen on the basis of the examination process real - time simulation , tracking examination candidates track and record car line , is set admission , examination results published combines the real modernization zhuangkao tools
    本系统依据公安部最新颁布的《机动车驾驶证申领及管理规定》 ( 71号令)中有关科目二考试(桩考)的规定,采用微机图象实时检测处理技术及电子红外线光界面检测技术,结合我公司独创的二维移动物体识别跟踪软件,通过采集考试车辆运行状态、桩杆、库线等信号,经过微机处理、分析判断,真正实现了在微机监视屏上根据考试过程实时模拟、跟踪考生考车轨迹并记录路线,是集录取、考试、发表成绩为一体的真正的现代化桩考工具。
  • With the development of the technology of the computer stereovision , the binocular stereo sensor has applied in field of industry detection , object identification , robot automatic guidance , navigation etc . with the appearance of new opto - electronic scanning technique , automatic technique , highspeed data processing technique and more effective algorithm , the binocular stereo ranging method has new headway and application the contents are arranged as following
  • Because the research achievements can be applied directly on robot localization and navigation , precise industry measurement , object recognition , visual reality , military affairs and many other fields , the researches on computer vision problem have become one of the most popular research subjects in the world
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