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点以外 in a sentence

  • Contact control outside of the main load
  • 3 and 4 and has clear reduction targets and can report on year over year progress to meet these targets
  • If you want to execute the other assembly starting other than at the default entry point , define a new type in the remote assembly , deriving from
  • " somehow these two large complicated molecules had to also interact specifically somewhere other than the site where the chemistry occurs .
    “不知为何这两个复杂大分子不得不在发生化学反应的活性位点以外的地方发生特定的相互作用。 ”
  • Reductions of about 10 cm in plant height following application of cycocel were not reflected in yield increases except at one location where lodging was a problem
  • While we enjoy an enviable reputation for good racial relations , there is , unfortunately , not much spontaneous social interaction among the races outside of the work environment , despite that more public avenues now exist for them to do so
  • But in drawing up our operational plan we should base ourselves on the assumption that the enemy may occupy the three points and even certain additional areas , as well as link them up , and we should make dispositions for a protracted war , so that even if he does so , we shall be able to cope with him
  • I had remarked on one side of the road , at intervals of six or seven yards , a line of upright stones , continued through the whole length of the barren : these were erected , and daubed with lime on purpose to serve as guides in the dark ; and also when a fall , like the present , confounded the deep swamps on either hand with the firmer path : but , excepting a dirty dot pointing up here and there , all traces of their existence had vanished : and my companion found it necessary to warn me frequently to steer to the right or left , when i imagined i was following , correctly , the windings of the road
  • The main work of this paper was as fellows : ( 1 ) generalized the development of pre - stressed steel structure in our nation and abroad , and pointed out the main problem in practice ; ( 2 ) presented the mechanism of pre - stressed steel structure and revealed its applicable range ; ( 3 ) established the optimization design model for pre - stressed steel structure , which accounts for constraints on stresses and displacements of structure ; ( 4 ) brought forward the optimization design method , which combined linear programming and the principle of full restriction , through which we can obtain the magnitude of each time pre - stress and the optimized sections of each members of structure ; ( 5 ) analyzed the best times of pre - stress and pointed out that 2 ~ 3 times is preferable ; ( 6 ) conducted optimization design on large - space steel roof , horizontal parallel steel truss with local cables , horizontal parallel steel truss with global cable , and ultra - static steel truss , the result of which indicated that the multiple pre - stress structure is very economic ; ( 7 ) compared different schemes of cable placement for horizontal parallel steel truss , and the results showed that the local cable only unloaded the second girders , but had no response on the first girders and stomach poles , while global cable could unload the second girders and the stomach poles outside of turning point of cable , thus proving that global cable is more economic than local - cable
    本文的主要工作是:对国内外预应力钢结构的发展历史及现状作了综述和总结,指出当前预应力钢结构工程实践中存在的主要问题;阐述了预应力钢结构的受力机理,并指出预应力钢结构的适用范围和特点;在考虑结构应力和变位约束的条件下,建立预应力钢结构优化设计模型;提出多次预应力钢结构优化设计方法和步骤,采用线性规划和满约束准则相结合的优化方法,可优化设计出施加的每一级预应力的大小,并得到结构各部分的优化截面;对多次预应力最佳的施加次数作了分析,并建议以2 3次为宜;为验证文中理论和方法,分别对大跨多次预应力钢屋架、局部布索的水平平行弦钢桁架、整体布索的水平平行弦钢桁架和局部布索的超静定钢桁架等算例进行了优化设计,经济效益明显;对水平平行弦钢桁架的几种施加预应力的方案进行比较,对于局部布索,预应力只对下弦起到卸载作用,对上弦和腹杆基本不起作用;而整体布索预应力除对下弦卸载外,对索折点以外部分腹杆也起到卸载作用,经济效益好于局部布索。
  • Its main steps are : 1 median filter to filter yawp ; 2 edge detecting ; 3 figure thinning ; 4 the calculation of center point and some other parameters , we put forward a new method with which we firstly give a self - adjust liner transform then we use robert edge detecting and we also give an four - adjacent - field method for edge thinning here ; secondly we repeat four steps above and use the center point as focus in the fourth image . after this we track the forecasting center point by kaveman filter and select two blocks for locating . lastly from the fifth photo on we mainly deal with the arithmetic for matching locating and recognition of focus except kaveman filter
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