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"柞" meaning in Chinese  
  • Yes ! you re sir pestle and i m lady mortar
    你是铁爵幸,我是春臼夫人。 ”
  • Xuzhou s wood based p . . engineered wood flooring .
  • Oak brushed and antique wood
  • Sell wood veneer
  • " hotee " compound wooden tloor is famous for its unique struefune perfeet design and superior quality
  • The reality wood flat floor takes wood assortments such as birch , oak wood , elm , color wood as raw material
  • With the amount of ch3sicl2 increased , however , the linear molecule and orbicular organic compounds containing si , o and n element were formed , which resulted decrease of gasification velocity of precursor and purity of si - c - n nano - powders
  • After decades of local characteristics resources development , has created a large - scale , series production operating system , the local economy has become the dominant industry and oak silk floss center , known as " the chinese silkworm first town " to describe the island
  • Imitate the old floor in the style of the ancients : adopt wood assortments such as birch , oak wood , color wood , elm to be base material , by that the manpower surface plane is sure to process the roughness handling the different in soaking various colour and lustre of forest paint , reaching
  • Within the working circle , there are abundant natural resources , and the total forestry accumulation amounts to 12million cubic meters , abounds in the oil timbers such as korean pine , dragon spruce , birch , ash tree and the distinguished medicines such as ginseng , astrgalus monghilicus , wilsonu and schisandra chinensi
  • 造句挺难的,這是一个万能造句的方法
  • The compound flat floor takes material such as birch , oak wood , color wood , elm as base material , high performance , not contracting , not becoming deformed by that tu is sticky , the cold pressing , working procedure such as opening a tenon , drenching lacquer process but are accomplished , effect is small to the ambient temperature , the stability is good
  • It has luxuriant forest here with various of rare trees such as korean pine , spruce , manchurian ash , birch , oak an linden , etc . all kinds of wild plant and officinals such as ginseng , dengshen , acanthopanax , fruit of chinese magnoliavine , etc . large amount of mountain delicacies such as an edible fungus , hedgehog , mushroom , brake , etc . abundant mineral resources such as gold , copper , iron , dolomite and limestone , etc
  • Put board together : adopt seeds of trees famous and precious such as pine , oak wood , basswood , birch , quliu , saw cheng waits for specification board method , high temperature drying passes and natural drying is wrot all round the day afer tomorrow , is spread glue hot - forming , but is made from arbitrarily the breadth finished product
  • Main products include indoor furniture , office supplies , the mattress of spring bed , top - grade wooden bed , various kinds of leather or cloth sofa for hotel , etc . our company also processes and makes indoor or outdoor furniture and wooden handicrafts that are made from birch , willow , and oak , etc . novel in design , fine in technology , magnificent and durable , the products are the first - selected fine work for house , office , and decoration
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  • 柞 in English:柞名词1.[植物学] (栎的通称) oak (quercus)2.(姓氏) ...
  • 柞 in Japanese:柞zuò〈植〉ハハソ.コナラ?クヌギ?オオナラなどの総称.▼“栎 lì ”の...
  • 柞 in Russian:[zuò] дуб; дубовый 柞蚕 [zuòcán] — дубов...
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