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打印技术 in a sentence

  • Small particles generator based on inkjet printing technique
  • Key specifications print specifications
  • Zero - order controlled - release tablets of helicid fabricated by three dimensional printing technology
  • In printing , the space surrounding the type area , comprising head , tail , back and foredge
  • In early 1980 s , canon successfully developed bubble jet printing technology and started to promote its products to the whole world
  • If you also want to try this printing technology , please visit our site for updates . we will continue our promise “ we print ! we share
  • With the technology of simple paper feed , we can number printing batches in advance and sort the bills by customer location . this avoids the step of manual sorting , speeds production and saves labor
  • Once the contents and format of the bill is fixed , the variable information is only the customer s name , address , and amount of payment ; this information can be easily handled with fuji xerox s proprietary vipp technology
  • The dpc 1255 has strict adherence to professional color management , and is based on the most advanced color printing techniques ; it has resolution as high as 600x600 dpi , 8 digital color depth , and can output fresh colors while permitting intermittent changes
    Dpc 1255经严格的专色认证,基于最先进的彩色打印技术,其分辨率高达600 x 600 dpi , 8位色彩深度,能够输出带有连续色调细节层次的鲜艳色彩。
  • The technology has widely applied to typography , textile , printing technology , compression memory of digital image , transmission of digital image and medicine etc . the research of digital halftoning technique is important in realistic significance and application value
  • Us xerox , a senior player in the it industry , is an unquestioned leader in terms of its technology . as the father of ethernet and the network printer , xerox has always been a leader in network laser printers and network printing technology , while its color printing technology has long set the industry standard
  • As a leading provider of digital printing technology and color products to the world , fuji xerox has been able to win a series of bids , with its strong commitment to responding to customer demand . its widely - accepted solutions for individual industry applications also demonstrates its sharp competitiveness in the market . we believe that an excellent price versus performance ratio and service quality will enable fuji xerox products to further penetrate the china market
  • Technically , instead of using the traditional " four - time imaging " technology , fuji xerox s phaser color digital printer series makes use of new " once imaging " and enables it to process files three to seven times faster than traditional printers ; the printing of the first page takes only 18 seconds . the fuji xerox color digital laser printer equals spectacular printing effects and impressive speed
  • Then , it illustrates some important problems and technologies , including the information modeling of part , object - oriented designing of feature modeling , the layout and designing of process database , the development of two process designing tools - process dictionary and technician , the implementing of three key technologies in process designing module - template technology , drawing technology of process drawings , generating and printing technology of process card , etc
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