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定向钻进 in a sentence

  • The international market for directional drilling equipment
  • 8th annual horizontal directional drilling survey in usa
  • Directional drilling attitude measurement and azimuth correction with accelerometers and magnetometers
  • Application of ddm - mecca directional drilling monitoring system in drilling construction of underground coal mine
  • Horizontal directional drilling and microtunneling - a comparison of two successful pipe - laying methods with regard on their strengths and weaknesses
  • The basic conditions of verifying bore in wutunsuo mine , plans of rectifying deviation , installation and use of mwd directional drilling system , and problems encountered in construction are narrated
    摘要叙述了武所屯井检孔的基本情况,钻孔纠斜方案, mwd定向钻进系统安装与使用以及施工中遇到的问题和解决办法。
  • In the way of prophase preparing , this paper emphasizes the importance of full collecting inhering under pipe using no - dig horizontal directional drilling paving in the busy street and emphasizes the exploration technology being the main mean of inhering under pipe . thus it can provide the main pledge measure of under pipe security and operator security
  • Trenchless technology given rised to the 20 centuries in abroad 70 ' s empress period , as an new construction technique in paving underground tube line . directional drilling come into being the most potential method because it achieve accuracy designed - area on trenchless technology , so it bring great benefit , especially in complexity pipe line area of city
  • The local directional drilling is just staring in terrane , the equipments and the technologies ca n ' t satisfy far and far the spot construction needs , according to current circumstance and considing the existed equipments , the author put forward drilling by air hammer in terrane , having designed compounded - drilling tools , and recommended technology parameters . producing experiments have obtained good achievements in economic and in techniques
  • For the problem of present engineering no criterion market and industry standard disunity of no - dig horizontal directional drilling under pipe paving , the view is put forward in particularity and security of no - dig horizontal directional drilling pipe paving and in reason using of under resource . it emphasizes engineering method data management and unify layout management of no - dig horizontal directional drilling . and it analyzes technology economic and discuss the development of under pipe directional equipment and put forward new thought and studying aspect of no - dig horizontal directional drilling construction engineering criterion management - the effect of all kinds of tache and factor in the different no - dig directional drilling construction are discussed from a great deal of detail no - dig engineering examples
  • 定向钻进造句挺难的,這是一个万能造句的方法
  • The technology and method of no - dig horizontal directional drilling pipe paving can be systemic analysis and studying from theory and practice in this paper . the character is aimed at the problem of the no - dig horizontal directional drilling application , which can be analyzed deeply . from the point of view of engineering construction practice , how to improve security and construction quality of no - dig horizontal directional drilling in the under pipe paving , i . e . using no - dig horizontal directional drilling paving under pipe should be the basis of data collection , stratum analysis and pipe detecting , be theory basic of designing of directional tracking
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