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同位素地球化学 in a sentence

  • Isotopic geochemical studies on global change
  • Sr isotope ' s analysis of the paleogene of dongpu depression
  • Progress on isotopic geochemistry of boron and chlorine in salt lakes
  • Characteristics of carbon isotope and origin of natural gas in qaidam basin
  • Isotopic geochemistry tracing for sources of ore - forming fluid in tianwan ore belt
  • Carbon isotopic geochemistry and origin of natural gases in the southern part of the western sichuan depression
  • Trace elements and isotopic geochemistry of the high - k calcalkaline granites in north margin of eastern part of west kunlun
  • The coi - rich " inclusions and normal nacl + h2o inclusions are commonly observed in same samples with the same homogenization temperature ( th ) . 4
    Ar - ar同位素地球化学研究表明,萨瓦亚尔顿金矿床的主要成矿时代为印支晚期, 210ma 。
  • It divided the south china magnetic fields on the basis of intensities of analytical signals and , in combination with the achievements in seismic and isotopic geochemical studies of south china granites , investigated the deep geological backgrounds for the division of magnetic fields
  • Geochemical database can be classified into 6 types , namely , solid ore geochemical database , oil and gas geochemical database , isotope geochemical database , agro - ecological environmental geochemical database , geochemical analytical database and standard reference materials database
  • 同位素地球化学造句挺难的,這是一个万能造句的方法
  • According to the theory of hydrology , hydro - chemical and hydrology , geology and isotopic geo - chemical , and the method of non - linear regression mathematics , the author researched and analyzed the cause of formation and variable features of lakes in jiuzhai valley , then draw the conclusions as follow 1
    以水文地质学、水文地球化学、地质学、同位素地球化学的理论为依据,并结合非线性回归数学方法,对九寨沟湖泊成因和动态进行分析研究,得出如下结论: 1
  • Thus , they might be derived from a back - arc basin with an archipelagic system in paleo - tethys , instead of a large ocean basin . the isotopic geochemistry shows that the jinshajiang ophiolitic melange has higher e nd ( t ) values ( + 7 . 42 - + 5 . 44 ) , suggesting that it may be derived from a lree depleted mantle source without significant contamination by the continental crust , but affected slightly by a fluid from a subducted ocean crust
    同位素地球化学研究表明,金沙江蛇绿混杂岩具有较高的_ ( nd ) ( t )值( + 7 . 42 + 5 . 44 )暗示蛇绿岩来源于lree长期较亏损的地幔源,演化过程中没有受到陆源物质的明显混染,而主要受到少量俯冲洋壳析出流体的影响。
  • Using the theory of environment isotope and deuterium excess ( d - excess ) parameter , we found the cause of formation of spring ground water in mianzhu area , including the water origin and transportation process and recharge and discharge relationship of various water bodies and hydrogeologic units ; 2 . the type of terrestrial heat system is low - medium temperature system of convective type ; 3 . this paper valued the si well ( including the scale of geothermal water , exploitation potential and evaluation of medical treatment mineral water ) ; 4
    论文以同位素地球化学和水文地球化学的理论、技术为基础,结合绵竹三箭水s _ 1井及其邻区温泉地下水形成的区域地质构造背景、地层岩石组合特征及主要水文地质条件,剖析了研究区内可能存在地热温泉水的“储、盖、通、源”基本条件,对该区各水体的氢、氧同位素、氘过量参数、氚含量以及水化学分析资料进行了系统地研究,取得了以下成果。
  • On the basis of the study on the petrology , trace element , and isotopic geochemistry , the primary magma of volcanic rocks can be divided into two series according to their originated rocks and degree of partial melting . one is the basanite - alkaline basalt - olivine tholeiite magma series , which are generated by partial melting from spinel iherzolite ; the other is nephelinite magma - alkaline picritic basalt magma , which are generated by partial melting of the garnet iherzolite
  • Thus , the paper focuses on mineralogy , petrology , petrogeochemistry , isotopic chorology , and sr - nd - pb isotopes of the mafic intrusions and dikes in fujian province , se china . in addition , we also discussed the process of the plate subduction , mantle evolution , crust - mantle interaction , lithospheric thinning and extension , and the reaction for crustal extensi on in fujian province , se china . ( 1 ) daiqianshan mafic intrusion is situated along the changle - nanao fault , which intruded in the metamorphic rocks
  • Major , trace element composition and sr - nd - pb isotopes of the cenozoic basalts from yangyuan ( hebei province ) and datong ( shanxi province ) , which are located to west of the daxinanling - taihanshan gravity lineament , as well as mineral chemistry , major and trace element composition and sr - nd isotopes of mantle xenoliths from yangyuan are reported in this thesis
    本文报道了大兴安岭-太行山重力梯度带以西河北阳原和山西大同新生代玄武岩的元素和sr - nd - pb同位素地球化学及阳原幔源包体的矿物化学、元素和sr - nd同位素地球化学,据此对华北克拉通西部上地幔的性质和过程进行了初步讨论。
  • The low - ti series show variable degrees of nb - ta depletion in primitive mantle - normalized spidergrams with slightly enriched to depleted nd isotopic compositions , whereas the transitional series exhibit similar geochemical features to emii - oib and have transitional characteristics between the high - ti and low - ti rocks . all three groups show no continuous shift in major and trace elements and cannot be regarded as different phases during magma differentiation process . on the basis of normalization to mgo = 8 % , the high - ti diabases have the lowest sig , nag and highest tig and peg
    通过详细的岩石学和元素-同位素地球化学研究,这些岩石具有各自不同的地球化学特征,其中高ti系列的低la nb 、 zr nb比值和亏损的nd同位素组成显示其类似于oib的特征,过渡ti系列则显示出emii - oib的特征,而低ti系列则高la nb 、 zr nb比值和变化的nd同位素组成显示出一定比例的富集岩石圈地幔或地壳物质的参与。
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