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博采众长 in a sentence

"博采众长" meaning in Chinese  
  • All - powerful power supply , the bo adopt many long , choiceness design , realization cross over
  • Business concepts : draw from others , insist innovations , quality first , win - win result
  • If you steal from one author , it is plagiarism ; if you steal from many , it ' s research
  • We admire the advanced cultures of other nations and would like to learn from them openheartedly
  • Fifth , to base upon reality , and adopt all kinds of good qualities , to create and develop the culture
  • Shanghai jiao - wang , a foreign - funded enterprise , is superior in field of are products ' creation , display and sale
  • You takes each people ' s merits , just like a little bright and hard - working bee , hums over the flowers to gather honey diligently without rest
    你是一只聪明、辛勤的小蜜蜂,嗡嗡、嗡嗡… …不息地绕着百花,博采众长,辛勤地酿着甜蜜。
  • According to wang shuifa , director of hangzhou administration bureau of gardens and cultural relics , the selection aims to collect wisdom from the public and it will start “ very soon ”
  • The research in the future will pick and swallow the merits of different kinds of logic , promote chinese logic , and push the communication between chinese logic and foreign logic
  • He sings with a well - trained voice that is sonorous , rich , flexible when switching pitches , highly expressive and with a unique style . he performed lead roles in a meeting of heroes
  • 博采众长造句挺难的,這是一个万能造句的方法
  • Integrated with the company ' s dozens years of production experience , adopted advantages from all quarters , special treated with choice materials , the machine is a masterpiece of strong technology and advanced production equipment
  • Business facilities include a business center and various size meeting rooms that have equipped with audio visual system . the largest room can hold up to 200 people . the hotel s chinese restaurant serves cantonese and lu cuisine
  • Shandong multi - purpose card technology co . , ltd adopts professional and comprehensive strategy and upholds the importance of innovation and pragmatism in propelling the construction of information highway within our province
  • The titanic figure of black saxophonist john coltrane has complicated the arguments made by proponents of styles from bebop through neobop because in his own musical journey he drew from all those styles
  • The aim of the my pertic , the outside cardboard box printing machine , develop with meticulouscare , the enlargement strength , take the research development as group leader , take satisfying large customer as an end purpose , pursue continuously and investigate ontinuously , work hard
  • Deductive database makes good use of predicate logic . because it has strict , systemic , maths theory logic theory base and stronger inferring mechnism . on the basis of traditional database . it introduces design idea , structure , implemention and system model and so on
  • It takes to you the integrity during complete wonder , the high school low frequency all processes qia arrives the advantage , has not exploded the tendency , actually has extremely richly , extremely has elastically low frequency , moreover is in no way muddy , regardless of from selects a song arrange which , dubs in music , also perhaps is high , center , the low frequency technical utilization , again perhaps the prelude , plays the rhythm which , the tail plays , in abundantly picks in the audiences long foundation all has the unprecedented innovation
  • It will help to remove the drawbacks quickly by using the experiences of others , comparing the good with the bad and adopting good advice from all source . so this article recommends us some enlightening experiences about writing teaching , tt emphatically comments on several present writing teaching systems , using its advantages for reference and examining its disadvantages for improvement , finally , it also explores the trend in high school writing teaching in the new century on the basis of self - examination , the whole article is composed of five chapters
  • The company undertakes the combined operation from developing design production to marketing , holds a group of outstanding and professional talents who always pay attention to international trend and current . and we have developed international exchange , and make close co - operation with the pacifie cosmetics international developing co . , ltd . korea in various field , such as technology , management and markting . we always expand management continued perfect product and quality guaranteed system
  • During the course of construction , chinese enterprises must pay more attention to resource advantages , carry forward the essence of traditional culture and absorb modern regulatory theory and ideas in the world . in modern days , chinese enterprise also need to emphasize speed , blaze new trails , study continually and look for cooperation in competition to build corporate culture with chinese characteristics in the end . all of above content will be explained in the thesis
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