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单倍型 in a sentence

  • Two haplotypes of gekko gecko on the mitochondrial 12s rrna gene sequences
  • Three haplotypes found in populations of the red imported fire ant invading china
  • In each sample , different loci were united to form y - str haplotype
    同一样品的各y str位点型别联合,构建y str单倍型
  • Genetic polymorphism and the population difference of 7 y - str loci and haplotypes in chinese han and japanese populations
  • The value of discrimination power and the exclusion chance of paternity for these y - str loci are same as the value of haplotype diversity
    单倍型变异度为0 . 9991 ,其个人识别能力和非父排除率也为0 . 9991 。
  • Result a multiplex pcr system of four y - str loci ( y - a489 - plex ) was established . here , y - a489 means the selected loci dys434 , dys438 , dys439 , a10
    在100个样本中检出37个单倍型,单倍型变异度为0 . 9628 ,标准误为0 . 00429 。
  • Distribution of different haplotype systems in population and their significance in the application of forensic medicine were statistically analyzed
    统计分析各y str位点及单倍型的群体分布特征,获得其频率的群体分布数据,并讨论其法医学意义。
  • In order to providing a gist for forensic application , allelic sequences of 8 novel y - str loci were analyzed , and frequencies of haplotypes for these loci were surveyed
    本课题旨在阐明8个新的y - str的等位基因结构和单倍型频率,为法医学应用提供基础。
  • Computation - oriented analysis on haplotypes and patterns of meiotic recombination hotspots in high eukaryote . applicants should have some backgrounds in population genetics
  • Specimens of total 21indivaduls among 14 species of chinese deer were sequenced , and 16 haplotypes were confirmed by data analysis , then submitted to the genbank database
    实验共计完成中国鹿类14个物种21个个体的12srrna基因测序,获得16个单倍型,并报送genbank (序列号: ay184425 - ay184440 ) 。
  • 单倍型造句挺难的,這是一个万能造句的方法
  • Haplotype frequency date of 37 different types were obtained . allele frequency comparisons with other han population samples analyzed for the markers of dys390 and dys391 showed a substantial similarity
    对这3个基l天1座构成的单倍型进行观察, 163例共检测到37种单倍型,单倍型多样性为0 . 9485 。
  • The analysis of variation in han group revealed geographic difference . the genetic distances based on the sequence of mtdna haplotype have been obtained and the phylogenetic trees were constructed
  • Mtdna of hairs , bones , nails were sequenced . different tissues of one corpse were analysed including hairs , muscle , heart , liver , ets . 20 mother - offspring pairs were investigated to detect mutations of mtdna
    结果在线粒体dnant16081 - 16546区间发现有55种单倍型,其中53种是唯一的,另2种分别为2个和3个个体所共有。
  • Through comparison and alignment on the sequences , 47 haplotypes are chosen and involved in analysis . 4 . the purposes of this research are phylogeny of intrafamily ( including intraspecific , interspecific , intergeneritic and intersubfamily )
  • These results showed that cyt b gene is very suitable for identifying subspecies of tiger . we proposed specific haplotypes on cyt b gene for specifically identifying amur tiger , bengal tiger , indo - china tiger and sumatran tiger
  • 22 haplotypes were found in 24 individual . in molecular phylogenetic tree constructed by upgma method , all the haplotypes of hainan population assemble one branch , while the haplotypes of fujian and guangdong populations intermix together and assemble another branch
  • They were suitable for improving identification power of polymorphic markers on chromosome y . our approach of hplc can separate the oligonucleotides with different size and same size with different sequences , and provide a method to quantity products of snupe
  • Objective to provide the evidence for the application of dys413 ( ycaiii ) in forensic science and population genetics by investigating its polymorphism in the han population lived in shanxi province and mongolians lived in inner mongolia autonomous region , china
    目的观察y染色体上的微卫星( ca )重复序列dys413 ( yca )在山西汉族和内蒙古蒙古族男性人群单倍型组成及多态性的分布规律,为其应用于法医学个人识别及亲权鉴定和人类遗传学研究提供依据。
  • The result showed that 79 polymorphic sites forming 9 haplotypes were found within the 381bp region in d - loop ; two types of sequences were discovered in d - loop region of amur tiger , short sequence that is highly homologous to other species , and long sequence that contains a 22bp insertion
    )个单倍型; d - loop区中存在着两种序列:一是与其他物种同源性很高的“正常序列” ,称为“短序列” ;二是带有22bp的插入片断的“非正常序列” ,称为“长序列” 。
  • 580bp mitochondrial d - loop gene segments of sparus latus catched in sea from haikou ( hainan province ) , xiamen ( fujian province ) , zhuhai ( guangdong province ) were amplified with pcr technique and sequenced . high genetic polymorphism in three populations was examined . 33 nucleotide sites ( 5 . 7 % ) were variable
    结果发现, 3个地理群体内和群体间都存在丰富的dna序列多态性,共检测到33个多态性核苷酸位点( 5 . 7 ) , 24个个体具有22种单倍型( haplotype ) 。
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