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人文荟萃 in a sentence

"人文荟萃" meaning in Chinese  
  • London was the biggest aggregation of human life .
  • London was "the biggest aggregation of human life-the most complete compendium of the world" .
  • The palace museum was soon a hive of activity
  • London was " the biggest aggregation of human life - the most complete compendium of the world "
    伦敦是“人文荟萃之区,全球最完备的缩影” 。
  • Hsinchu , as the seat of the local government , had a higher concentration of intellectual elite than other areas
  • The factory is located at yangzhou region where is nearby the beijing - shanghai expressway and has convenient communication
  • Fengjia electronic co . ltd , yixing is located in yixing , a city with convenient transportation and lots of talents lying beside the taihu lake
    宜兴丰嘉电子有限公司位于风景秀丽的太湖之滨? ?江苏省宜兴市,这里交通便捷,人文荟萃
  • Tianjin university is the first institution of higher learning in modern chinese education , which has a very long history and a comprehensive humanism and culture
  • Dali is a city with long history and have glorious traditional art and culture . it had been taken as a center of polity , economy and culture in the ancient
  • Because of the abundant cultural exhibitions and activities in culture center , the cultural standard of the district is accordingly raised up ; therefore , lingya is a culture - enriched district
  • 人文荟萃造句挺难的,這是一个万能造句的方法
  • It is the place where many ancient scholars ever lived and studied , degraded officals exiled , where cultural relics gathered together and there were a great number of ancient school houses
  • It boasts a long history , rich output of various products , in a land of assembled distinguished people and beautiful sceneries , “ the home for fishes and rice ” known far and wide throughout the history
  • The area is endowed with unique tourist resources , having mild climate , beautiful sights and abundant local products , along with a long history and a galaxy of talent and cream of local culture
  • Sanmen , draw in if the scene , a remarkable place producing outstanding people , humanity is assembled , the historical cultures of year accumulate and settle and bring up strong culture of place characteristic several thousand
  • It was said that in ancient times five fairies holding ears of grain and riding on five goats came to guangzhou , thus guangzhou has come to be known as " yangcheng " ( city of goats ) and " suicheng " ( city of corn ears )
    广州是中国国家级的历史文化名城,人文荟萃的岭南大都会。二千年来,共有三朝十帝建都这里。相传古代有五仙人携谷穗骑著五只羊来广州,故广州又称"羊城" 、 "穗城" 。
  • Yet another person may refer to the city where he was born , grew up , got married and set up his essential network of relations . he may have a fond memory of the place or , in short , it is a place where he feels he belongs to
  • Established in may 2002 , suzhou jianyu carments co . , ltd mainly deals in varieties of export - oriented products such as garments , tourist products , bedding articles and the like with its base located in xiangcheng district , one of the 7 constituencies of the time - honored city suzhou , which is renowncd for both its booming induxtrics and overflowing humanism flavor
    苏州剑宇服饰有限公司位于历史悠久、人文荟萃、风俗清嘉的江南名城? ?苏州市相城区,交通优势得天独厚,公司创建于2002年5月,是主要生产各类服装、旅游用品、床上用品等专业出口产品。
  • Aerodrome , railway and freeway consist a tridimensional transport net . the excellent investing environment which assembles the flow of people , products , information and funds possess every convenient factors and supplies favorable situation for guests to invest and trade . after twenty years , jiangsu bright group which established in 1984 has been developed as the national medium enterprise , national high technical enterprise , national torch project enterprise , national aaa class enterprise of the best image , provincial class group , jiangsu star enterprise etc . it governs four professional companies which are transformer co . , ltd , indicating neon lamps co . , ltd , project lighting fixture and real estate co . , ltd . moreover , it owns three large producing bases in yancheng city , which located in no . 99 west huanghai road , no . 47 yanqing road , and no . 1 nanyang economic development zone
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