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pore synonyms

pronunciation:pore 's definition
  • stoma, stomate
    Definition: noun. a minute epidermal pore in a leaf or stem through which gases and water vapor can pass

  • concentrate, focus, center, centre, rivet
    Definition: verb. direct one''s attention on something; "Please focus on your studies and not on your hobbies"

  • Translation
    • pore 's definition:any small opening in the skin or outer surface of an animal
    • pore in Chinesevi.1. 注视,细看。2.用心阅读;细心研究 (on over)。3.沉思,默想。vt.因凝视过度而使(眼睛)疲劳。 pore one's eyes out 因读书过度以致眼睛疲劳。n.毛孔;气孔,细孔。 at every pore 全身,浑身。 sweat from every pore 1. 极热。 2. (因害怕、兴奋等)冒汗,受惊,兴奋。
    • pore in French:音标:[pɔr]m. [地]孔隙;毛孔,气孔,细孔专业辞典1. n.m.【地质】孔2.n.m.【解剖学】(腺体开口的)孔;毛孔,汗孔:~s dilatés扩大的毛孔~s bouchés[obstrués]堵塞的毛孔3.n.m.【物理学】细孔,微孔4.n.m.【植物学】气孔porem.孔隙;毛孔;孔;汗孔;砂眼pore connectés连通孔隙pore sudoripare玄府pores de vieussens心最小静脉孔pores et fissures缝缝洞洞
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