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journal synonyms

pronunciation:journal 's definition
  • diary
    Definition: noun. a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations

  • daybook
    Definition: noun. a ledger in which transactions have been recorded as they occurred

  • Translation
    • journal 's definition:the part of the axle contained by a bearing
    • journal in Chinesen.1.日记,日志。 【航海】航海日记。2.【会计】分类账,日记账。3.日报;定期刊物,杂志。4.〔the Journals〕(立法机关、委员会等的)议事录。5.【机械工程】轴颈。短语和例子
    • journal in French:音标:[ʒ urnal]m. 日报, 日记专业辞典1. (复数~aux)n.m.【航海】轮机日志,机舱日志:~de passerelle驾驶台航海日志~de bord航海日志[船长记载在有关部门签发的簿册上的航海记录]2.(复数~aux)n.m.【军事】行军日记(复数~aux)n.m.【财】日记账journalm.报,报纸;日记journal (d'exploitation, de marche)上机日记journal d'effets票据簿journal de bord日志,航海日志;随机日志;记事表journal de la comptabilité日记账journal de pêche打渔日志近义词canard, feuille de chou , et péj , gazette, quotidien, actualités, informations, nouvelles, magazine, revue
    journal的同义词journal相同意义的词汇journal synonyms