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vanishing point

vanishing point's translation
  • But the lines i drew for the painted chandelier are quite haphazard ? like pickup sticks tossed carelessly onto a floor ? and show no hint of a coherent vanishing point underneath the chandelier
  • The algorithm of camera ' s self - calibration is always a important research domain . in this paper by taking advantage of parallel lines and orthogonal lines in architecture as usual , we can calculate the absolute conic image and vanishing points
  • The laws of geometric perspective guarantee that in a concave - mirror projection of a symmetric chandelier onto van eyck ' s support all parallel lines would meet at a vanishing point , just as the image of train track rails meet on the horizon in a photograph
  • In this paper , combined with vanishing point geometrical restriction given by the aerial photogrammetric modeling , a method for extracting vertical lines based on the adaptive fuzzy hough transform is presented . then the extracted vertical lines are validated by analyses of window texture
  • In the appliance of object identify and scene analysis , we need comprehend the geometry structure relationship . if camera is not calibration how to use the scene ' s information and vanishing points to accomplish it . then we give two algorithms and introduce the range of apply
  • Both methods provide good performance , and the latter is better since it can give a better describing of the residual distribution of matches . in the study of camera self - calibration , firstly , based on discussion of using and the selecting of scene constraints , two new robust vanishing point estimation algorithms are presented . one is based on peransac , and the other is based on clustering
  • After the theory of the generalized point photogrammetry is introduced , its applications are presented , including computer of image parameter from vanishing point and modelling by single image , determination of image parameters by matching between vector and image , inspection of sheet - metal part and determination of plane pose by contour line matching
  • By taking advantage of parallel lines and orthogonal lines in architecture , the camera internal parameters , rotation and translation can be recovered from a set of un - calibrated images via computing absolute conic and vanishing points . the euclidean 3d model of architecture ( up to a scale factor ) can be recovered too
    利用建筑物中常见的平行直线和正交直线等特点,通过绝对二次曲线和消影点等射影几何量的计算,可以从图象中恢复摄像机的内参数、旋转和平移位置,同时恢复建筑物的三维欧氏几何模型(相差一个尺度因子) 。
  • ( 4 ) the special geometric restrictions like parallelism and perpendicularity implicated in vanishing elements are deeply studied . in single - view case , the theory is presented to interpret relationship between two planar lines by applying 3d invariants of vanishing points . in two - view case , the method on extraction vanishing point of an arbitrary sp atial line is described , and moreover , the theory is presented to interpret relationship between two elements in 3d space , such as two lines , two planes , line and plane , and so on
    ( 4 )详细论述了消失元素(消失点、消失直线、消失平面等)所体现的垂直、平行等特殊几何约束关系;对单视图,提出了一种利用消失点列的3d不变量解释平面直线关系的方法;对双视图,提出了利用自共轭三角形和对极几何约束,提取任意直线的消失点的算法,并在此基础了提出了一种利用消失元素的3d不变量解释直线间、直线与平面间、平面间等多种空间几何关系的方法。
  • In this paper , we mainly discuss several problems in the field of 3 - d computer vision , which are the algorithms for based on vanishing points to calculate the other geometry structure relationship , the self - calibration and the stratified reconstruction , etc , our main work is as following : ( 1 ) based on vanishing points to calculate geometry structure relationship
    本文主要讨论了三维计算机视觉领域中的利用消失点判断空间关系、摄像机自标定、三维分层重构等问题。主要工作如下: ( 1 )利用消失点判断空间关系。
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