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valva meaning

  • "' Vincenzo de Doncelli "'( died 1585 ) was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Bishop of Valva e Sulmona ( 1571-1585 ).
  • On 14 March 1304, he was one of the fifteen cardinals who subscribed the bull of privileges in favor of the monastery of Santo Spirito in Sulmone in the Diocese of Valva.
  • Keith McCracken, who in 1986 helped found the promotional marketing shop McCracken Brooks in Minneapolis, is leaving to join Dugan Valva Contess as executive vice president and general manager for the Midwest and West.
  • Senerchia borders the municipalities of Acerno ( SA ), Campagna ( SA ), Oliveto Citra ( SA ), Valva ( SA ) and Calabritto, the only neighbouring municipality in the same province.
  • Pope Gregory X ( 1271-1276 ) appointed Cardinal Matteo as " Auditor causarum " ( judge ) in a dispute involving the holding of benefices by canons in the diocese of Valva.
  • The species is similar to " Hieromantis ephodophora ", having similar forewing markings, but " kurokoi " can be separated by the valva having a rounded cucullus in the male genitalia.
  • It appears to resemble " Enteucha " in various ways, such as the shape of the valva and uncus, the absence of a transverse bar of the transtilla and possibly the thickening in the aedeagus.
  • It is similar to " Fibuloides cyanopsis " in the shape of uncus and socius, but can be distinguished by the trapezioidal cucullus and the absence of the enlarged, flattened bristles on the neck of valva.
  • The ruins of the ancient city, which are very inconsiderable, and consist of little more than shapeless fragments of buildings, are scattered round an ancient church at San Pelino, which was at one time the cathedral of Valva.
  • McCracken will oversee the account of the Pillsbury Co . unit of Diageo PLC from the Minneapolis office of Dugan Valva, which is based in Morristown, N . J . McCracken, 54, had been chairman at McCracken Brooks, now owned by True North Communications.
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