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valva meaning

  • Forty-eight patients with valva inhalation treated by long dan xiegan decoction
  • The original castle was controlled by the Counts of Valva.
  • It borders with the municipalities of Acerno ( Valva ( SA ).
  • He is patron of the diocese of Sulmona-Valva.
  • This name is preserved in the name of the united diocese of Sulmona-Valva.
  • The valva, which is usually large, as it is used to grasp the female during mating.
  • The central door, below the niche containing this statue, is called the Royal Door, or valva regia.
  • Anthony Valva, PC Gamer's intern at the time, took over producing the podcast up to episode 274.
  • Saint Pamphilus, Bishop of Valva, renowned for his sanctity and miracles, died about 706; he was buried in Sulmona Cathedral.
  • Male odontiines have a semimembraneous uncus which is broad and distally bilobed, and the valva is more or less broadly rounded at the apex.
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