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ubiquity's translation
  • Moreover the pf40 gene was ubiquity distributed in cereal crop genome . dicots such as tobacco and tomato do not have the pf40 homolog gene , but we found its homolog gene maybe present in arabidopsis genome
  • A law - order ruling environment is therefore needed so urgently because of the near ubiquity of law - order ruling actions along with the rapid process of marketization which is an integral part of the revitalization
  • The simplicity and power of junit are unrivaled , its ubiquity as a helpful java development tool is unparalleled , and there s nothing stopping the combination of junit and groovy , so why reinvent the wheel
  • The authors speculated that the ubiquity of social networks , and the natural inclination of people to be influenced by the appearance and behaviors of those around them , suggest that weight gain in one person might encourage weight gain in others
  • The ubiquity of mobile communications combined with the ever - decreasing price per minute has created the opportunities for new voice based entertainment services and for mobile operators to substitute some of the fixed line conferencing revenues
    随着手机的普及和通话费破天方的降价,因而创造出另外一个新的商机- -语音娱乐服务以及移动远营商,为移动运营商的线路服务增加了新卖点。
  • I think we ' re seeing information technology reach the point that all transformational technologies reach when they are no longer controlled by just a mall group of skilled professionals , and they cross over to mass acceptance and ubiquity
  • The ideology ' s ubiquity in this field of practice may have been overstated , yet it does manifest itself through translation ' s inseparability from the politico - cultural concerns in the target language system , and as a tendency bound up with language and art
  • Therefore , the theoretical workers of marxist political economics should not disregard the profound social and historical reasons for ubiquity and legitimacy of exploitation , or lack innovation concept of the new times , or simply stick to traditional recognition
  • Compared with pccr , the style of handwritten chinese character is diverse and optional which is hard to find rules in it . furthermore recognition of similar character in off - line hccr is much more difficult than that in pccr because of the ubiquity of handwritten distortion
  • Researching the integration of dect with the internet is important due to the continuing phenomenal popularity of the internet and wireless communications , and ubiquity of dect systems , which will contribute to impulse the application and development of the wireless access technology in our country
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