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trade journal meaning

trade journal'meaning
  • He was featured in an article in Futures and Options World, a trade journal.
  • In May, the trade journal Brandweek identified Nike Inc . as a possible buyer.
  • Reed operates Cahners Publishing, which includes Daily Variety and about 90 specialized trade journals.
  • Publish articles in trade journals and speak before professional groups to get your name around.
  • Estimates range from 65 to 150 titles, according to the trade journal Publishers Weekly.
  • Other useful reference materials include items from SMACNA, ACGIH, and technical trade journals.
  • He also contributed articles to various trade journals, special technical volumes, and symposia.
  • After that the data has been estimated from what has been given in trade journals.
  • Furthermore, Rabe belongs to the editorial staff of several national and international trade journals.
  • This should, though, not exclude us from using other content from trade journals.
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