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ticket book meaning

ticket book'meaning
  • They'd look just like parking control officers, but they'd pack heat instead of ticket books.
  • In Bishop's ticket book they found a copy of a warning ticket that he had written to McGee.
  • The first of millions of copies of the ticket book were made available on June 1 in newspapers Australia wide.
  • The first of millions of copies of the Official Olympic Games Ticket Book was sent out with Sunday newspapers across the country.
  • Even with seven home games, Carolina won't be able to satisfy everyone when season ticket books are mailed next week.
  • The venue diagrams are being released now to coincide with the distribution of the ticket book throughout Australia but are still indicative only,
  • The official ticket books will be 52 pages long, including a day-by-day program, venue map and transport guides.
  • When he took away the ticket books two weeks ago, Gertz reasoned that corrupt officers would be unable to extract bribes from motorists.
  • For the second year in a row, the Valley Theatre League will sell a discount ticket book containing 10 passes to participating theaters in the area.
  • Prior to the introduction of E-ZPass, both tokens and frequent traveler tickets were used, with special, discounted ticket books for local residents.
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