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scop meaning

  • There is a keyboard shortcut on newer Apple laptops with an internal battery, nicknamed " SCOP ".
  • Submit a protein or DNA sequence for SCOP superfamily and family level classification using the SUPERFAMILY HMM's.
  • On 20 May 2014, the CMA ruled that the SCOP could no longer operate ferry services from Dover.
  • The cooperative society " Scop O'Ch�ne " was established at Assier as part of its expansion.
  • In 2007, foundation with five other members of la SCOP d'�ducation populaire et transformation sociale Le Pav�.
  • Armed Security officers do not have fresh pursuit authority ( off of their grounds / property ) whereas SCOP officers do.
  • The plant alkaloid and drug botanical author abbreviation "'Scop . "'is applied to species he described.
  • The SCOP flat file was all that I needed; thank you, Andrew ! : ) The rest should be easy.
  • ;classes were originally recognized by Levitt and Chothia ( 1976 ), and several others have been added in the SCOP database.
  • This generally involves selecting protein structures from databases such as SCOP, or CATH, after removing protein structures with high sequence similarities.
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