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sable's translation
  • Our collection includes some of hong kong s features in the 30s and 40s , such as sable cicada ( directed by bu wancang , 1938 ) as well as the noted war - time drama
    馆藏现存最早香港出品的故事片,为三、四十年代的作品,有《貂蝉》 ( 1938卜万苍导演) ,抗战爱国名作《孤岛天堂》 ( 1939蔡楚生导演)和《民族的吼声》 ( 1941汤晓丹导演)等。
  • Two thin hands , joined under the forehead , and supporting it , drew up before the lower features a sable veil ; a brow quite bloodless , white as bone , and an eye hollow and fixed , blank of meaning but for the glassiness of despair , alone were visible
  • In the array of funerals , too - whether for the apparel of the dead body , or to typify , by manifold emblematic - devices of sable cloth and snowy lawn , the sorrow of the survivors - there was a frequent and characteristic demand for such labour as hester prynne could supply
  • He has revealed it in the sonnets where there is will in overplus . like john o gaunt his name is dear to him , as dear as the coat of arms he toadied for , on a bend sable a spear or steeled argent , honorificabilitudinitatibus , dearer than his glory of greatest shakescene in the country
  • In this paper , we think , first , during the start - up stage , village collective economy auditing should be predominated by agriculture section ( namely current auditing patterns ) ; second , during the stage of growth , village collective economy auditing should be predominated by the government ( namely near period reform target ) ; third , during the stage of sable development , village collective economy auditing should mainly adopt inner - auditing patterns , combination with society entrust audits ( namely long - term reform target )
    本文认为农村集体经济审计的起步阶段应当采用由农业主管部门主导的审计模式(即现行审计模式) ,其成长阶段则应当由以国家审计主导的审计模式来推动(即近期改革目标) ,其稳定发展阶段则应当采用集体经济组织内部审计为主委托社会审计为辅的模式(即远期改革目标) 。
  • The same happy , smiling circassian , with a moustache and sparkling eyes , peeping from under the sable hood , was still sitting there , and that circassian was sonya , and that sonya was for certain now his happy and loving future wife . on reaching home , the young ladies told the countess how they had spent the time at the melyukovs , and then went to their room
  • " on the scutcheon we ll have a bend or in the dexter base , a saltire murrey in the fess , with a dog , couchant , for common charge , and under his foot a chain embattled , for slavery , with a chevron vert in a chief engrailed , and three invected lines on a field azure , with the nombril points rampant on a dancette indented ; crest , a runaway nigger , sable , with his bundle over his shoulder on a bar sinister ; and a couple of gules for supporters , which is you and me ; motto , maggiore fretta , minore otto
    后来他说,他已想出了好多图样,不知道挑中哪一个,不过其中有一个他可能选中,他说: “在这盾形纹章的右侧下方,画一道金黄斜带,在紫色中带之上,刻一个斜形十字,再加上一条扬着脑袋蹲着的小狗,当做通常的标记。狗的脚下是一条城垛形的链子代表奴役。在盾的上部成波纹的图案中是一个绿色山形符号。
  • There was the same handsome unpleasantness of mien , but now he wore neatly trimmed , old - fashioned whiskers , the sable moustache having disappeared ; and his dress was half - clerical , a modification which had changed his expression sufficiently to abstract the dandyism from his features , and to hinder for a second her belief in his identity
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