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photoelectric effect meaning

photoelectric effect'meaning
  • The photoelectric effect further confirmed the quantization of light.
  • :I think you are confusing the photovoltaic effect with the photoelectric effect.
  • 300mm telescope for observation on binary stars and photoelectric effects of variable stars.
  • Other applications include bremsstrahlung and the photoelectric effect.
  • This effect is predominant at low gamma energies and is known as the photoelectric effect.
  • A solar photovoltaic power plant converts sunlight into direct current electricity using the photoelectric effect.
  • The photocathode emits at most one electron for each arriving photon by the photoelectric effect.
  • :Einstein's explanation of the photoelectric effect is the classic, original proof.
  • Einstein went after quantum effects first by earninf the Nobel prize for the photoelectric effect.
  • With Jesse Beams from the University of Virginia, Lawrence continued to research the photoelectric effect.
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