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path the

path the'meaning
  • Of paths the eightfold path is the best ; of truths the four words ( noble truths ) ; detachment is the best of states and of bipeds the seeing one ( the man of vision )
  • However , the problem with such shields is that noise captured by the shield can still cause problems if the return path the noise takes is not carefully planned and implemented by understanding of the ground system and making the connections correctly
  • Works alone ingenious use of jade from meticulously carved , beautifully charming attendants pick statute of pine trees even in exquisite decorative works of exquisite , the mountain path the cold seems to be towards the foot of the house behind it
  • These include the db2 snapshot monitor , which provides a point - in - time summary or " snapshot " of db2 activities ; runstats , which collects statistics about the nature of the data stored in a db2 database ; and explain , which reports on which access path the query optimizer selected to satisfy a given request
    这些设施包括db2 snapshot monitor ,它提供对某一时刻db2活动的汇总(即“快照” ) ; runstats ,它收集db2数据库中存储的数据的统计信息;以及explain ,它报告查询优化器为满足给定请求所选择的访问路径。
  • It is reasonable to make use of the sloping fields path the flow , and suppress this kind of malignant situation , and realize the agriculture efficiently use the water and then become the region ' s ecosystem environment developments with the important mission that the agriculture produce to moderate to develop
  • But suppose one pass , as is permissible in philology , from the word itself to its softened synonym , then , instead of committing an ignoble assassination you make an elimination ; you merely and simply remove from your path the individual who is in your way , and that without shock or violence , without the display of the sufferings which , in the case of becoming a punishment , make a martyr of the victim , and a butcher , in every sense of the word , of him who inflicts them . then there will be no blood , no groans , no convulsions , and above all , no consciousness of that horrid and compromising moment of accomplishing the act , - then one escapes the clutch of the human law , which says , do not disturb society
  • To improve the efficiency of the uav ' s mission , the highly effective path the uav will fly during the execution of the mission should be planned before the mission carrying out , which give a promise for the uav to arrive at the target with a higher survivalbility and an acceptable path length
    摘要为了提高无人机( uav )作战任务的成功率,在敌方防御区域内执行攻击任务前必须规划设计出高效的无人机飞行航路,保证无人机能够以最小的被发现概率及可接受的航程到达目标点。
  • Meanwhile , with extensive help from u . s . postal inspectors , we ' d gathered the remnants of the bombs and packages for our lab to analyze , learned the path the packages had taken through the postal system , and assembled a long list of suspects
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