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pacific meaning

  • When the last planes turned toward their carriers at about 9∶45, the great american bastion in the pacific was a smoking shambles.
  • The ensuring battle in the new york stock exchange drove the price of northern pacific railway company from $100 to over $1,000 a share.
  • Morgan and his ally, james j. hill, controlled the two northern transcontinental railroads, the northern pacific and the great northern, in 1901.
  • The scenery is beautiful near the pacific ocean
  • The astronauts splashed down in the pacific ocean
  • pacific southwest airlines flight 287
  • Anticyclones in the south atlantic and pacific
  • Photo taking on the beveridge reef in the south pacific
  • World weather information-australia south pacific
  • Room 1204 hong kong pacific center, 28 hankow road
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