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pacific meaning

  • The east pacific rise, west of south america, has a high separation rate but no axial rift.
  • Shellfish originated in japan and were transplanted to beds in the waters of america's pacific coast.
  • The pacific is by far the largest ocean and covers almost half of the total ocean area.
  • The pacific ocean occupies nearly an entire hemisphere and is roughly twice the size of the atlantic.
  • Winds from the pacific ocean are forced abruptly upward by a succession of mountain ranges along the west coast.
  • This great development of air and sea transport has largely conquered the size of the pacific.
  • In 1862, building of a railroad to join the pacific coast with the mississippi river valley was begun.
  • The discoverer of the pacific walked "valorous and serene" into the public square and was beheaded.
  • Her defence system in the central pacific had been breached at many points and was ripe for disruption.
  • It is not on the shores of continents or in the coastal islands, that the soul of the great pacific is found.
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