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or bridge

or bridge'meaning
  • Warning government agencies holds the most promise for saving lives , researchers say , because they would give train operators time to slow down trains or bridge officials the opportunity to turn on metering lights to keep as many vehicles as possible off bridges
  • The evolution , state of the art and the developing trend of the lateral seismic inertia force calculation for retaining wall and / or bridge abutment and the calculation of the seismic cohesive backfill soil pressure are reviewed . the approaches of seismic analysis of retaining walls and bridge abutments in the current highway codes of china are studied in detail and the shortcomings in the analysis procedure and the necessity of further improvements to them are pointed out
  • On basis of a review of the recent achievements , the distribution of the lateral seismic inertia force along the height of retaining wall and / or bridge abutment , and the calculation of the seismic soil pressure of cohesive backfill are treated with in this paper , for the revision of chinese earthquake resistant design code for highway construction , and a suggestion to combine sei smic design of retaining wall and of bridge abutment together into one chapter from the past in two chapters in the previous version is also worked out
    结合规范jtj004 ? 89的修编,本文在总结已有研究成果的基础上,主要研究了挡土墙和桥台地震惯性力沿高度分布的规律,粘性填土的地震土压力计算和计算公式的简化,以及在公路工程抗震设计规范中将挡土墙和桥台的抗震设计归入一章的问题,具体包括如下5项工作。
  • When catchment area , average channel gradient and catchment shape factor of designed culvert or bridge are known , a user can be convenient to get local parameters c , e and b from standard contour charts and easy to calculate flood flow just by a calculator . design period of flood flow is enormously shortened as well as a high precision . estimated flood flow through culvert or small bridge by new calculation model is generally less than by traditional methods , so that much cost is cut down a s reducing the span of culvert or small bridge
    以75000km ~ 2的川中丘陵地区为试点研究区,绘制了该地区新模型的参数等值线图,率定了不同设计频率的改正系数,使设计者只需在地形图上获取集水面积,河道平均坡降和流域形状系数,在参数等值线图上查得桥涵所在地的相应参数,使用计算器即可迅速计算出设计流量,大大缩短了设计周期,且精度较高,设计的洪水流量一般低于传统方法,从而可减小桥涵跨径,节省投资。
  • However , it lacks runoff data in absolutely most areas where culvert and small bridge locate . some traditional design method , such as the methods of statistic zone parameter , modification by catchment area , rainfall - runoff , reasoning formula and empiric equation et al , are used to estimate flood flow through culvert or bridge
  • In a word , the moral practices under the guide of these researches are ineffective . our age now calls for the exploration to the models of microcosmic research to make up the defects caused by the grant research . model of moral education ( mme ) is the link or bridge between moral education theory and practice
  • In our opinion , the aim of the founding and development of social intermediary is : to speed up the development of a group of bigger intermediary organizations that are rationally distributed , completely categorized and high - qualified , then turn them into the most active key element in economic construction and social development , and the tie or bridge between government and enterprise , or government and society
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