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open circuit

open circuit'meaning
  • To comnter the problem of high grinding energy , rapid flow of material , low ratio of material to grinding media , and bad ball coating in common open circuit ferric oxide tube mill , ferric oxide superfine grinding technology markedly increase grinding efficiency and improve grinding status in the tube mill by setting high efficiency sifting equipment , material place regulating technology and subminiature cylpeb
  • In the design and application of electronic engineering , both in open circuit and in closed circuit , signal is certainly affected by environment , the status of the transport network and the change of the parameters of the components applied . then the characters of useful information will be changed more or less and the change is generally called as distortion , namely so - called signal distortion
    <中文摘要> =在电子工程的设计和应用中,信号无论在开路传输或闭路传输中都受到环境、传输网络的工作状态和应用的元器件参数变化的影响,从而会或多或少地改变有用信息的性质,这种变化就是所谓的信号畸变现象,通常称作失真。
  • Ir - ta - ti metal oxide coated titanium anodes of variable composition were prepared by thermal decomposition . their micro morphorogies and electrochemical properties were characterized by scanning electron microscope , open circuit potential , cyclic voltammetry , consumption rate measurements and accelerated life test . the sem results indicated that all coatings were of a porous and cracked - mud microstructure influenced greatly by the composition of coatings . the electrochemical measurements showed that the ir - ta - ti ternary oxide - coated anodes exhibited excellent electrochemical activity and electrochemical stability in both acidic media and seawater which were affected by the composition and microstructure of the coatings . owing to good corrosion resistance and low consumption rate in seawater , metal oxde coated anodes belong to insoluble material , and can be potentially applid in impressed current cathodic protection systems as an anode
    采用热分解方法在钛基体上制备铱钽钛金属氧化物阳极,用扫描电镜对阳极涂层显微形貌进行分析,通过强化电解寿命试验、开路电位测试、消耗率试验及循环伏安曲线研究了金属氧化物阳极的电化学性能. sem分析结果表明铱钽钛金属氧化物阳极涂层呈现多孔多裂纹形貌结构.随阳极涂层组成不同,涂层显微形貌表现出很大差异,这种差异直接影响阳极电化学性能.电化学性能试验结果表明铱钽钛金属氧化物阳极在酸性介质和海水中具有良好的电化学稳定性和电化学活性.此外,铱钽钛金属氧化物阳极在海水中的消耗率很低,属于不溶性的阳极材料,作为外加电流阴极保护用辅助阳极具有广泛的应用前景
  • A novel measurement and control system ( mcs ) used in hv flameproof switchgear has been established based on the 80c196kb single - chip microprocessor , by which electrical faults such as short circuit , over - load , over - voltage , open circuit , earth leakage and so on can be automatically distinguished and processed , and with the exception of this , the insulation degree of the double screen cables is monitored on - line . the operating condition and fault parameters can be displayed in turn with liquid crystal display
  • In view of the decline of the reliability of door control in dc01 electrical train , this paper introduces the control system for passenger compartment door and the causes of the failure , and argues that the improvement of the door control delay , the opening circuit and the limit switch is the key to enhance the reliability of door control and to reduce the vehicle fault
  • Moreover , in order to represent the influence of temperature and irradiation to the characteristic of solar array , a physical mathematical model of solar array is established which based on short - circuit current ( isc ) , open circuit voltage ( voc ) , the voltage of mpp ( vm ) , the current of mpp ( im ) . the characteristic of solar array in varied temperature and irradiation can be established with the appropriated parameters deduced by the above model
    为了能够反映环境温度、日照强度对太阳电池阵列的i - v特性的影响,系统建立了基于短路电流( i _ ( sc ) ) 、开路电压( v _ ( oc ) ) 、最大功率点电压( v _ m )和最大功率点电流( i _ m )的太阳电池阵列的工程化数学物理模型,该模型可以依据现场测量的数据确定任意照度、温度条件下的特性参数,预估太阳电池阵列在不同温度、照度下的特性曲线。
  • Abstract : the system composed of intelligent control modules for three - phase induction motors is introduced in this paper . this module can conduct starting , reverse braking , and reverse conrtol with current limiting resistance . besides , it can also detect low voltage , overload , and open circuit of 1 or 2 phases , and do protection according to the detection . it especially fits to the controlling of motors which often do starting , braking and reversing
  • Following are abnormal connections : 1 . if one cable , for example cable no . 3is open circuited , the two no . 3lights of the main tseter and remote tester will not turn on . 2 . if several cables are not connected , several lights will not turn on respectively . if less than two cables are conntected , none of the lights is on
  • The paper describes a capacity predicting method : combining the open circuit voltage prediction with the fuzzy prediction of the " storage batteries health " . and the method does not only increase the prediction speed but also improve the prediction precision , so it can offer credible data to charging management . 8
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