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motor activities meaning

motor activities'meaning
  • As much as ours is a motor company, we cannot be solely dependent on the motor activities.
  • The observation in invertebrates of pattern generators temporarily formed before the production of motor activity strengthens the assumption.
  • The user is instructed to imagine the motor activity while the EEG picks up the associated brain signals.
  • The receptors are concentrated in the brain regions responsible for motor activity, concentration and short-term memory.
  • During motor activity, serotonin released in synapses that contact nerve impulse initiation and thereby muscle contraction are inhibited.
  • Usually they see these perceptual-motor activities being in the sphere of either speech therapy or occupational therapy.
  • Developmental disabilities may render a child incapable of performing certain motor activities, such as drawing or building blocks.
  • The cells fire these chemicals in pacemaker fashion, keeping the brain alert, enhancing attention and priming motor activity.
  • Brown-S�quard had argued that all motor activity rested in the brain and operated through the nervous system alone.
  • This implies there is a coupling between the perception of music and the motor activity of those musically trained individuals.
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