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motive meaning

  • It is impossible to give a satisfactory explanation for a potholer's motives.
  • Human motives are based on needs, whether consciously or subconsciously felt.
  • Whatever my motives may have been at the time, in any case, i liked the idea of resign.
  • He professed to be puzzled about such base suspicions of soviet motives.
  • Prompted by some obscure motive he would lure his victims into this room.
  • At the prospect of losing his great motive ralph lost indeed his one inspiration.
  • Her winter in italy also formed the motive of some of her most delightful thoughts.
  • Chief among these motives was the overwhelming idea of the great whale himself.
  • The same motives which lead men to marry late also lead them to limit their families.
  • I had never been able to talk to others, and i had to guess at their meanings and motives.
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