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link trainer meaning

link trainer'meaning
  • Some attended other Navy schools and were trained as motion picture sound technicians, link trainer operators, parachute riggers, and air control operators.
  • The result was that the USAAF purchased six Link Trainers, and this can be said to mark the start of the world flight simulation industry.
  • The Roberson Museum and Science Center in Binghamton, New York, contains an exhibit on Edwin Link including a Link Trainer in a typical classroom setting.
  • More than 40 buildings were constructed at the airfield, including an operations building, power house, Link Trainer building, hangar and various supply buildings.
  • Two additional Link Trainers are maintained by the corporate successor to Link Aviation, L-3 Link Simulation and Training, at its Arlington, Texas headquarters.
  • To train for the modern aerial combat environment, pilots undergo a rigorous ground training program that includes classroom work, high altitude chambers and Link Trainer simulation sessions.
  • By August, the Link trainer building, hangar No . 3, additions to the mess hall, administration building, and flight control tower were ready for use.
  • To help with instrument training fifteen Link Trainers were put into operation in mid-December 1942 with Class 43-C . The course of instruction was 15 hours.
  • The best-known early flight simulation device was the Link Trainer, produced by Edwin Link in Binghamton, New York, USA, which he started building in 1927.
  • The Greater Binghamton Airport, Link Field, also has a Link Trainer on display and another is at the Wings of Eagles Air Museum in nearby Elmira, New York.
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