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leam meaning

leam's meaning
  • The River Leam flows north of the village.
  • In 2007 The Red Lion public house was refurbished after flooding by the River Leam.
  • Early development of the old town centre was on the southern bank of the River Leam.
  • Some children of St Augustine's Primary; a good school at Leam Lane Estate.
  • Conference USA, WAC, I-A Independents, Big Sky, Gateway, Ivy Leam.
  • Close to the bridge is a pipeline which feeds water from the Leam to nearby Draycote Water.
  • Inbakavi was born "'Xavier Henric Leam "'at Manapparai in Tirunelveli district.
  • He widened the River Nene below Horseshoe Sluice, banking the north side of Morton's Leam.
  • It then runs south-west to where it joins the River Leam, between Kites Hardwick and Woolscott.
  • Rains Brook, a tributary of the River Leam, forms the parish and county boundary northwest of the village.
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