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journal meaning

  • Oh, there are still some diehards such as the wall street journal and gary hart.
  • Encounter none the less was the main british literary-intellectual journal of the period.
  • The journal of opinion is, by its very nature, predestined to become the organ of a party.
  • Kronecker warned the editor that this immature and obscure article would kill the journal.
  • They had just returned from the library, each carrying a stack of novels, magazines and medical journals.
  • In the engine, oil is supplied to crankshaft and camshaft journals rotating in their supporting bearings.
  • I wrote a decidedly intemperate journal entry on byron's thunderbolt visit and its miserable outcome.
  • Existing literature on the subject is widely scattered through many domestic and foreign technical and scientific journals.
  • Their essays invade academic journals as well as little magazines, sometimes edging poetry and fiction out of sight.
  • His conclusions, published in the journal of the american medical association, added up to a resounding victory for the abilities' philosophy.
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